Bill Cosby Aims to Put Family in Family TV

    November 10, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Bill Cosby is planning to put a sense of strong family values back into family TV. The Cosby Show icon is creating a new family comedy he hopes to see aired on prime time.

Cosby’s new show won’t be a remake of The Cosby’s either, but instead will deal head on with relationships between children and their parents.

Millions of TV viewers will no doubt agree that family values have essentially left most prime time television programs. Even those deemed ‘family friendly’ are replete with sarcasm, a lack of respect and often some borderline or blatantly foul language.

“I want to be able to deliver a wonderful show to [a] network,” Cosby says. “Because there is a viewership out there that wants to see comedy, and warmth, and love, and surprise, and cleverness, without going into the party attitude.They would like to see a married couple that acts like they love each other, warts and all, children who respect the parenting, and the comedy of people who make mistakes. Warmth and forgiveness. So I hope to get that opportunity, and I will deliver the best of Cosby, and that will be a series, I assume, that we could get enough people week after week after week to tune in to, to come along with us.”

It certainly sounds like Bill Cosby is on to something. Even networks like INSP, that claim to feature family values, show reruns of shows like Robin Hood, which is replete with subtle sexual innuendoes.

Cosby also plans to revamp his animated feature Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, load it with extra values and upstanding examples of family, and put it back on TV.

Bill Cosby is waiting on a network’s commitment of the money needed to successfully pull off both of these projects. Hopefully one or more of the networks coughs. It would be incredible to see a bidding war between the networks on TV shows that instill family values instead of adding to the perpetual breakdown of this society’s morals and beliefs.

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  • Who are we kidding?

    It is 2013 and not 1984. It has been three DECADES since the Cosby show sold us that every household has parents that stay together, where both parents are highly successful, both parents make loads of money, and the biggest problems in the country is rap music. All you need to fix things are some bad jokes and jello pudding pops.

    Fast forward to 2013. No parents stay together, we live in a two class system, the NSA is spying on everyone, we have been at war for 12 straight years, we have accomplished nothing in those wars, our country almost defaulted on our massive debt, we lock up more people than any country in the history of mankind, and we have kids shooting up schools every week. I wonder if the rise of the police state will be dealt with in Cosby’s new sitcom.

    Maybe that is what America wants though. An illusion. Wait, we have been living that since 9/11. What am I saying!

    • @Who

      I knew you would get some thumbs down. The last thing you want to tell the American people is the truth. They will fight it. They actually believe 19 amateurs with box cutters pulled off 9/11. They believe it so completely that even when 7 of the 19 hijackers showed up alive in other parts of the world — Americans still believe they are being told the truth. You are fighting a losing battle trying to tell Americans the truth.

      • @@Who

        If Americans will believe the “magic bullet” theory, then they will believe anything. 1 bullet and 7 wounds in two different people. Trust me, if there are people who would kill an American President, there wouldn’t think twice about crashing two planes into a building so as to make billions. That is what Americans are so reluctant to admit. That is why they deny.

  • @Who

    I agree. People won’t like what you wrote but it is the truth. It is sad when we look to a TV show to “instill family values.” It cracks me up when people rail against shows that have sex in them as if that contributes to a destruction of the family. We could have nothing but the Smurfs on TV and it wouldn’t stop things because every night on the news all we see is bad things. All kids see are parents getting divorced, divorces where the mother tries to destroy the father, people losing their jobs, our country bombing other countries, and politicians lying. Yep, but Robin Hood with its subtle sexual innuendos is what is causing all the damage. Keep telling yourself that. Kids aren’t stupid. They know BS when they see it. In this day and age, kids have the internet and guess what? They read. They are much more informed about the world and grow up much faster. Try selling them an illusion. It won’t work.

  • Ted

    America’s extreme conservatism has led to the problems of today. I can go to Europe and walk along a nude beach and it is no big deal. You can do this in many parts of the world. Yet, in the US, where everything is taboo we have most problems with everything from divorce, to abortion, to teenage pregnancies, to drug abuse, to government corruption, to spying, etc. There really is no hope for this country. We look like rome before the fall and actually, even like pre-WWII Germany. It is scary.

  • Machelle

    I applaud Mr. Cosby and will make it a point to watch his new show.

  • Mike McCormack

    Wow, I cannot believe the negativity. Maybe if more people other than Mr. Cosby started calling the problems with what has become a pathetic excuse for a society what they truly are we might be able to reaffirm our position as a cohesive nation. Or we can just continue the way in which we are going and fueling it with more violence and greed and become an echo of the pathetic end of the Roman Empire. But it sure makes good TV doesn’t it??

  • Gary

    I agree with Bill Cosby. With his enviable record of success on TV (I spy, Fat Albert, Kids Say the Darnest Things, the Cosby Show) the chances for success are great.

  • Beverly

    I, for one, am looking forward to the shows that Mr. Cosby is developing. Our culture is a mess. Many say that it’s just art imitating life. But, after a while, it’s life reaffirming the art that is imitating the worst of life. It’s time for something different. Some people have lived in ways where whatever you do is okay. But, when you begin to see the affects of no morale compass being istilled in kids through their families, i.e. rampant unfaithfulness in marriages that leads to divorce and hurt children, too many out-of wedlock babies with dads MIA, prisons bulging at the seams due to over-crowding, corporate greed, etc, there’s small wonder why our culture is crumbling.So, let’s try to right the ship for once instead of helping it to crash into the mammoth iceberg of cultural. Kuddos to Mr. Cosby and his team for discerning the need for such shows and may your requests for network funds to make it happen meet with success.

  • beni

    keep on going cosby we love everthing you did in the past . and of course your new sitcom you will love it for sure. i do remenber watching your show prince of bel air back in 90 in africa when i was a kid from the local cable.it was subtitled in french but we all loved it and now i am living in the u.s and speak english it will much more easiest for me. long live to you bill. and for your positive and your angelical thoughts.

  • larry

    Bill Cosby is an egotistical bore. His hunger for the spotlight knows no bounds. ANYTHING he does, he does for one reason…..publicity. I remember when he first started as a comedian. As his success grew, so did his opinion of himself. Once, asked to so be a commencement speaker at a college graduation, he refused. He would do so ONLY if the school presented him with an honorary PHD. To whom did the day belong….. Bill Cosby or the graduates fulfilling a dream? He was supposed to be congratulating and inspiring the students with guidance and hope for their futures but instead insisted that the focus be on him. I could go on and on with such examples but I’ll stop here. Do not believe that Cosby is returning to restore pride and decency to television. It’s for one reason….to feed an ego run rampant.

  • http://billc Jay Tyler


  • http://yahoo Dee

    I would love to see Bill Cosby come return to TV. I loved him and his entire cast family. I need him and his family, whoever they may be, because I believe everyone needs his type of family comedy, whether it be fact or fiction, it is what we all need in this country right now. I look forward to his new show and if I ever meet Bill, I would thank him for being a normal person.