Bill Belichick Extends Contract Again with the Patriots


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Although the amount of Bill Belichick's salary has always been obscure, one profound detail in his contract is crystal clear-- it's expiration date.  According to New England Sports News, it has been announced by NFL officials that Belichick isn't going anywhere 'anytime soon.'

There has been a lot of speculation in regards to the details of the legendary coach's contract and the New England Patriots football club where Belichick is concerned.

Belichick, who is also the Patriots' general manager, may have predominant control over nearly all of the team's football transactions. But, the extent of his authority isn't what grants him credence with any advantages in locking down yet another contract renewal. Belichick's financial discretion, and winning track record are evident that his main focus is victory. Over the years, his actions have definitely spoke louder than his words.

Bill Belichick has been the head coach of the New England Patriots since 2000. His initial contract was set to end in 2007, but was renewed for another six seasons. Although the 2000 season, wasn't a success, it served as the syllabus the team needed for development, which paid off tremendously. Over the past 13 years, Belichick has managed to produce the most laudable coaching statistics in franchise history with an impressive 153-57 record over 13 seasons collectively. He has also impelled the Patriots franchise to five Super Bowl appearances, clenching the first Patriots' victory in franchise history in 2001. Out of the team's five Super Bowl appearances, the Patriots have walked away with three victories. With Belichick's peerless record, it is definitely not a surprise that the New England franchise has come to an amicable agreement to renew the head coach's contract yet again.

NFL Network official Ian Rapoport also quoted an inside source stating that Belichick may be “coaching for quite some time.” The NFL Network has stated that the franchise is pleased, and the fans appear to be just as contended with the news.




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