Biggest Boost in IT Hiring Since 2002

    September 9, 2005
    Chris Crum

Robert Half Technology conducted a study among 1,400 CIOs and found that 16% of them plan to hire full-time IT staffs in the fourth quarter, while 4% plan to reduce their staffs.

This is good news for IT people looking for jobs. This is the biggest increase in hiring since the third quarter of 2002 according to Robert Half Technology. Marianne Kolbasuk McGee of InformationWeek reports:

The strongest hiring is planned by CIOs in the Pacific states, with 21% of CIOs there saying they’ll increase IT staff and only 3% planning to eliminate jobs. CIOs in mid-Atlantic states are running a strong second in hiring plans–20% say they’ll increase staff, and 4% say they’ll decrease it in the quarter.

Of CIOs who are building up staffing levels, 36% say corporate expansion is the main driver. Increased customer- and user-support needs were identified by 21% of the CIOs as the key factor for additional IT staff hiring.

“Microsoft Windows administration is among the most demanded expertise, and that’s due to business growth,” said Robert Half Technology division director Jeff Markham. “Companies are adding more users, so they need IT staff to support this.”

I would guess that security is a strong factor in the IT hiring boost as well. With threats growing in numbers all the time, it never hurts to have more protection.

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