Bigfoot Or Elemental Spirit Caught On Camera?


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There are many things in the world that can’t be explained. A 65-year-old woman returning from a church trip happened to capture a photo of something that she is hoping someone can explain or identify.

According to Theresa Schue, she and a friend were snapping photos of the landscape out the window of a train when she captured something strange.

When she was flipping back through her photos, she noticed that one of them seemed to show the apparition of a bigfoot-like creature.

Schue didn’t notice the apparition when she took the photo and is confused about what it might be. She insists that she did not edit the photo in any way.

She shared the photo on the Angels, Ghosts and Paranormal Facebook page and has gotten over 200 comments about what the image in the photo might be.

“The picture was taken by my cell phone. I am 65 and do not know anything about touching stuff up. We were in a church group and another 63 year old lady and I were looking at the pictures and this oddly stuck out oddly to us. It was taken on October 18 and we had shown it to a few church friends and we did not know what we saw. It was not explainable. My daughter decided today without my permission [to] send it to your group. I never wanted to send it out because I knew there would be doubters. But, now I am at least getting answers. Even if there may be those who doubt,” Schue said on the post.

While some people claim that the apparition is that of a ghost, others believe it could be bigfoot or an elemental spirit. An elemental spirit is a spirit that lives in the forest and uses natural elements in the environment to take shape.

Other people think the image is simply a trick of the camera or the mind creating something that isn’t really there.

What do you think of the photo?