Bigfoot Hair Samples to Undergo New DNA Analysis

    May 24, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Bigfoot hair samples are being gathered, collected, and processed as part of a new study that will help determine if such a creature actually exists. So if you or anyone you know has random Yeti hairs just lying around the house, be sure to let the folks over at Oxford University and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology know about your findings. They’re looking for any and all specimens, even if you’re not 100% sure where the samples came from.

“If the Yeti is real and somebody has found bits of their hair, you should be able to tell from the DNA in the hair if this is actually a Yeti,” said University College London professor Mark Thomas.

Scientists have already received a wealth of potential specimens, including hair, blood, and items thought to have been gnawed upon by the fluffy cryptid. The new tests will allow researchers to determine how close the creature in question is to apes or humans, even if they sample is from an unidentified animal. Of course, the chance that someone out there actually has a few strands of hair plucked from the backside of a Bigfoot is relatively low.

Of course, not everyone feels that this sort of endeavor is valid. Kansas University professor David Frayer, for example, seems to think the project is a phenomenal waste of time. “No serious scientist (would) treat Yeti as a worthy research project,” he told the Associated Press.

Even if the results of these DNA tests prove that none of the provided samples belong to a Yeti, will that stop people from believing in the beast? Don’t count on it. Part of the public’s fascination with Bigfoot is the fact that no one has managed to get a good, hard look at the creature, despite the efforts of countless individuals. Our fascination with the legend is rooted in the mystery that surrounds it. While scientists shuffle through random blood and hair, many folks will be wandering around the forest, cameras and imaginations in-hand.

Researchers plan to use new techniques to analyze DNA to crack Bigfoot mystery. Just need Bigfoot hair. http://t.co/1f1uBFR3
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Wanted: #Bigfoot hair samples for DNA study (I just thought this was funny! who funds this stuff?) #diversity http://t.co/wWwAXkRo
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Researchers claim DNA could help prove if Bigfoot exists. Kardashians suddenly very nervous…
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Man on the radio wants to hunt and kill a bigfoot, “preferably a juvenile”, he said.
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DNA testing to shed light on mythical ape-like creature http://t.co/9HBGtEGX If it’s “mythical,” it doesn’t exist. Case closed, Researchers.
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  • Gary

    Of course there are a large nimber of skeptics. But these are the same type people who were saying if God had wanted man to fly, he would have give him wings. So, how any scientist can view another’s as a waste of time only focuses on how ignorant that scientist (or teacher) is.

    Venturing into the unknown, making discoveries, researching, is the process of human advancement. It’s how we grow. It’s the process that brought us out of the Dark Ages. Kudos to the researchers !

  • dave

    About 1958 I read a magazine article about a man who had shot a Bigfoot. He had it frozen in a big long block of ice and exhibited it at various fairs in the Pacific Northwest. He stopped when someone told him that the Bigfoot had so many human characteristics that he could be charged with murder. When he stopped exhibiting it that seems to have been the end of the story. The article that I read was in either Argosy or True. These were men’s magazines of the time. I have not seen recent issues of either magazine so I don’t think that they are still published.
    I seem to remember that it was a little over 7 feet tall. I do not remember if the article had the owner’s name or said where he was from. I believe that there was a photo that looked a lot like a gorilla.

  • Jon

    I find it amusing that people who appear to have never stepped foot off the cement or asphalt shoot down the real possibility that there was or is such a creature. Stick to what you know,twitter,dirty diapers and your 401K. Leave science to the actual researchers.

  • David Kennedy

    I saw one in The Dalles, Oregon years ago. It was about 7′ tall, blondish wet long hair, about 4/500 lbs and seemed to have no neck. It moved a fir tree branch with its arm, or I would have missed it completely.
    I was driving and the beast was about 10′ from the edge of the road in a shallow curve.
    It was humanoid and intelligent.
    That has been enough for me. People can say what they want.
    I was in the Marines then and my eyesight and hunting skills were at their peak.
    They exist.

    • Thorgrun

      I saw one way back 1958, before all of newspaper stories. I just didn’t know what to think. It was brown about the color of the Redwood tree he was hiding behind when I rode by on my old schwinn bike, I was only about twenty feet from it and saw it out of the side vision. It stepped out from behind the tree and ran down a really steep slope covered with Tanbark Oak trees and leaves, it made a distinctive sound of two feet crunching as it ran on the dried leaves. I was not afraid, I frankly did not have any reference as to what I just saw, so I just forgot about it until all of the stories hit the papers about the sighting up near Eureka California later the next year, as I recall.

  • Kelly J. Barnett

    Call me goofy, but I DO believe that such creatures exist, in different parts of the world, as well as in the US. I sincerely hope that the scientist do discover absolute proof so that this creature can be confirmed to exist, and that national laws are passed to protect this creature from any and all hunters. In my opinion, killing a Bigfoot would be akin to killing a fellow human being, and it should be immediately put on a federal Endangered Species list, once it is confirmed that it does exist. Anyone discovered to have hunted and killed a Bigfoot should be charged with murder.

  • Scottro

    I heard that they taste just like chicken.

    • kavanyt

      hope so….

  • kavanyt

    Oh, this should be fun!

  • Dan

    The scientists have no bona fide Bigfoot DNA to match the samples against. Therefore when they get a result it will be i.e., dog, bear, human, humanoid, chimp etc. If they get a true Bigfoot DNA they won’t know it.

  • Judith Hall

    Maybe they can do a DNA in a descendant of the Melungeons & Bigfoot cross, since they both exist in scarce populated areas, & what would that cross’s species B named ? (BigLungeouns or Melbigs ?) ? LOL!