Big Yahoo Investor Poised To Back Icahn

Game over for Yang, Bostock, and Yahoo's board?

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The survival chances of Yahoo’s board could diminish greatly if powerful investor Gordon Crawford decides Carl Icahn’s proposed slate of directors looks better than the current Yahoo board.

In the deep waters of high finance, a few really big sharks cruise in search of tasty critters to devour. A few, like Icahn, T. Boone Pickens, and now Crawford have broken the surface with their impressive dorsal fins to shatter the nerves around Yahoo’s Amity Island.

Jerry Yang will need a much bigger boat if, as All Things D observed, Capital Research Global Investors

Big Yahoo Investor Poised To Back Icahn
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  • David DelMonte

    Well, if Yahoo is bought by these barracudas, this fish will swim away and leave every vestige of the sharks behind. I’m sure there are group sites where I can get the information I need without the need of being part of this nasty lot. Good luck Jerry. Keep fighting.

  • http://www.lightingsupply.com Commercial Lighting Guy

    I really wish this wouldnt go through… Microsoft is gonna mess around wih yahoo far too much,

  • Nick T.

    While I have never been any great Microsoft fan, the fact of the matter is that Jerry Yang’s youthfulness and experience has caught up with him and he has been caught napping. This is so clearly demonstrated that Yahoo position is a shadow of it’s former self in the search market.. And Yahoo ‘s attempts to do a search deal with Google is little more than Jerry admitting that they have been overtaken left way behind.

    Jerry’s rejection of the significantly improved MS offer in the way he did demonstrates his complete lack of understanding of his thrashed positon and his youthful lack of commercial experience. I am undecid as to whether the style and manner of his MS rebuff was motivated by an overcooked ego, or greed, or a combo of both. Either way it is unsurprising that Icahn and others want to see their significant investments looked after by someone with an older and wiser head on his or her shoulders.

    And anyway, Google is being able to exert something of a monopolistic control on the search market, and anything that has a better of keeping Serge and the G crew honest, is better than the current situation.

  • Guest

    someone needs to jump in at least the chats,  there are more bots now then ,and no one cares. they just make it harder to get in rooms of bots .not as many in msn chat but not as good set up there yet for chats.

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