YouTube Rolls Out New Channels Design

    June 25, 2009
    Chris Crum

Update: YouTube has made an official blog post saying they’re ready to start rolling out the new channels design. Here’s a new video about the redesign.

YouTube also says that all existing channels will change over to the new design on July 15.

Original Article: Earlier this year, it was discovered that YouTube was "secretly" testing a new design for channels. While there is no official date yet for when this will launch for all users, YouTube says the time is getting closer.

Since the cat escaped the bag, hundreds of thousands of users have managed to find their way to using the new design, the company says. That of course means tons of feedback.


Tons of feedback means that there have been quite a few features added and/or changed. Here is a big list of those features:

– You can now have the full range of ads on your channel

– Sort controls – sort by most viewed, date added, or highest rated

– Ratings stars can now be clicked

– Counts for the number of videos in each section (when in "all" view)

– When playing a video, the video title now links to the non-channel video watch page

– View a small number of video comments as well as leave a quick comment – just click the comments tab when watching any video

– Font size is now larger when browsing through videos

– You can make the list of your playlists your features content set (like the new White House Channel)

– New share controls underneath the video

– Endless loading circles should now be gone

– No more channels with messed up layouts

– Search box when looking at uploads

– Honors are back

– Video thumbnails are now larger

– More interaction options under the video player

– You can now feature a video by URL

– The subscribe button is yellow again

– You can choose a featured video

– You can link directly to a specific video and a specific playlist on your channel

– You can rearrange boxes on your channel with little arrows

– You can message users

– You can delete recent activity items

– Subscribe button appears when you’re looking at your own channel

– UI improvements

– Tons of bug fixes

These are most of the updates that have been made since April. There are still more to go though. A few things YouTube says they’re still looking at include:

– The ability to reorder your uploads, or your lists of playlists

– Making URL autolink (in both the video description, plus the channel profile area)

– Showing the upload date in the video description

– More bug fixes

– And more

There seems to be plenty of feedback flowing, and YouTube is clearly taking it all into consideration and applying changes, where it sees fit. They’ve gotten a lot accomplished in the last couple months, and from the sound of it, it won’t be long until all YouTube users will get to experience the new channels redesign without having to go out of their way to do so.

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