Buxom Beer Wench Graces Ladies’ Room at Twitter HQ

    October 10, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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When your company is under fire for its lack of women in leadership roles, and your CEO makes a pretty ill-advised response to said criticism, the last thing you want to be doing is promoting anything – anything that could be perceived as even borderline sexist, misogynistic, or any other type of -ist, -ism, or -istic.

Twitter engineering manager Jill Wetzler tweeted this photo of a sign she found in the women’s restroom at Twitter HQ. Hashtag facepalm indeed.

I mean, it’s probably just advertising some social gathering for engineers. Hey, it is Oktoberfest at Twitter HQ…

And it’s just a dumb sign. But given that Twitter’s IPO filing shone a light on the fact that Twitter’s board, investors, and most of the officers are all men? Well, let’s just say it’s pretty poor timing.

Image via Jill Wetzler, Twitter

  • Really?

    Really? That is just about Oktoberfest. Everyone knows it is about Oktoberfest, yet some delusional woman thinks it is sexist and a commentary on the plight of women in America. Go out to Google right now and pull up images for Oktoberfest and you will see a ton of pretty women drinking or serving beer.

    Political correctness has really weakened many companies. People are literally getting advanced on the basis of sex or race and not on ability, experience, or intelligence. That takes its toll on an organization over the long term. Not enough people talk about that. I have literally seen men who had 20 years of solid decision making experience not promoted because of quotas. I have seen them fired because of quotas. Then the person, who got put in the position, led the company to ruin and this led to major unemployment.

    Here is the upside to all this. So many women complain about meaningless things that many people are just tuning them out. People simply just don’t care because next week it will be about something new. A feminist speaks and people literally ignore. You just agree with them to shut them up.

    Personally, from looking at her twitter page, it seems like the woman wants people to tell her she looks as good as that buxom cartoon character. This woman obviously likes to be the center of attention.