Bieber Rips Carney, Carney Becomes Bieber

    February 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Patrick Carney started a veritable shitstorm last week when he made a comment directed at Justin Bieber after the Grammys, but he seems to be taking the backlash well.

When asked about what he thought regarding Bieber not winning a trophy at the awards show, Carney–who is the drummer for The Black Keys–said, “He’s rich, right? … Grammys are for music, not for money … and he’s making a lot of money.”

Immediately after that, Carney’s Twitter account blew up with Beliebers throwing around derogatory names and telling Carney to grow up and stop hatin’. Even Justin himself posted about it, saying Carney needed to be “slapped around”. At first, the drummer was content to simply tweet back sarcastic responses, but then he changed his profile name to Justin Bieber, which threw a wrench into the whole works (because the account is verified).

The account name has since been changed back, but Carney isn’t giving up without a fight.

Image: Gawker

Lead image: MorphThing.com, @KylePierce11/Twitter

  • MaryDtn9

    Well you asked. Patrick Carney and the Black Keys can take remedial actions at any time. Please be adults, apologize and end this today.

    • Jodi

      totally agree Mary!

  • Jodi

    All of you! GROW UP! Stop the name calling, let alone the person that said Carney should die! U all act like you worship Beiber! God is who you should worship! Not some 18 year old singer!

    • http://yahoo guy

      I dont think either one deserves worship .