Beyond: Two Souls' TV Spot Will Make You Forget It's A Game


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Beyond: Two Souls is what director David Cage likes to call "interactive drama." It's like a movie where the audience gets to choose what the protagonist does next. It's also why it gets a TV spot that feels like it's advertising a movie instead of a game.

Sony today shared the extended TV spot it will begin to air in the coming weeks for Beyond: Two Souls. It's their last big PS3 release before the launch of the PS4, and Sony obviously wants to make sure it makes an impact.

Beyond: Two Souls is the followup to 2010's Heavy Rain - a game that went on to become a critical and commercial success. If Beyond can follow in its footsteps, Sony will be able to boast that two of its first-party studios' games - the other being The Last Of Us - did well in 2013. It's rare for that to happen so you can probably understand why Sony is pushing this latest title so aggressively.

Beyond: Two Souls launches on October 8 exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]