Beyond: Two Souls Gets A Making Of Feature


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Are you interested in the creative process behind David Cage's new movie/game Beyond: Two Souls? If so, you're in luck as the team at Quantic Dream has created a four part Making Of series that goes into the creative process behind the new title.

In the first episode, writer/director David Cage explains that the death of a close family member pushed him to approach the concept of death in a way that's rarely been done before. He wants to take it out of the metaphysical realm of philosophy and conjecture, and make it into a physical presence.

The first episode also features the games two leading stars - Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe - talk about their roles in the game. In particular, Page says that she's happy to be playing one of the few female protagonists in a video game that's not an unintentional parody.

Oh, and before you forget Beyond: Two Souls is a game, Sony would like to remind you that there's an exclusive DLC scene available to those who preorder from GameStop. It's almost like being told that there's an exclusive scene in Man of Steel only at Cinemark Theater locations. It seems a little unfair if you ask me.

Even so, you can pick up Beyond: Two Souls, retailer exclusives and all, on October 8.