Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Footage Leaked From E3


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At Sony's big E3 press conference this year, the game Sony chose to show off first was the next game from Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dream. Beyond: Two Souls looks to be a cinematic experience in interactive video game form. It stars Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes, a young psychic who shares a link with a powerful invisible entity named Aidan. The game successfully set a dark and mature tone for the Sony presentation that carried through for most of the games previewed that night, except the Wonderbook demonstration, of course.

Now, some leaked footage of the Beyond demo at E3 has surfaced. The video was quite obviously recorded on a cell phone, so the game's impressive graphics are not on full display. The audio is similarly bad, as the room was obviously crowded. Still, the footage shows a 20-minute sequence from the game featuring an exciting train sequence and lots of explosive action near the end. It demonstrates how the game will play and what fans of interactive drama genre can expect:

It appears that Beyond will use plenty of quicktime events to propel the narrative forward. Quantic Dream has announced that the game will utilize Sony's Move controller, and this footage seems to show Aidan being controlled in that manner. Though the developers have stated that player decisions and actions will determine Jodie's fate, it is not clear whether any of the decisions the player made in the demo actually affected the direction of the story.

(via Gamekyo)