Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Grammy Performance: Too Racy?

    January 27, 2014
    Alexandria Sardam
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Beyoncé Jay Z totally turned up the heat in last night’s Grammy performance of “Drunk in Love.”

The 56th annual award show kicked off with the Queen Bey provocatively straddling a chair with her back to the audience showing off her brilliant behind. The star sported a black thong complete with lined panty hose and a sheer bustier. Her hair was cropped and wet, giving off a sexy “Flash Dance” look.

While the song “Drunk in Love” contains a verse for Jay Z, the live Grammy collaboration was only confirmed a few days prior in a CBS commercial.

The performance continued as Beyoncé slithered on top of her chair, rocking her hips and shooting out dangerous glances into the audience. The stage belonged to her and the audience fell victim as well.


Around three minutes into the song, Jay Z charged the stage ready to join his other half. Beyonce stood up, taking her place alongside the chair allowing her husband to take the stage. She danced patiently behind him, careful not to give away too much as he performed.

The audience simply couldn’t stand the chemistry, screaming and chanting for the two who were clearly in love. She was captivated by him just like the audience was by her.

While some people were mesmerized by the opening performance, others were outraged saying the act was just too provocative.

Were you offended by sultry performance or did you view it as just that-as a performance?

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  • Reality

    Yes, ladies and you say men treat women like sex objects ….. it seems to me that you are doing it to yourself. I don't ever want to hear another woman complain. Ever. By the way, if you didn't see the blatant satanism in those performances, then you are blind.

    But of course, all the problems of women are caused by men and all women are victims.

  • @Reality

    Yeah it is really obvious isn't it. Women cause their own problems. Yep, Beyonce is really encouraging women to be engineers, scientists and doctors by shaking her ass like a stripper. People also wonder why their is a pay difference for men and women. There actually isn't one when you compare industries. The problem is that all the fields that pay —– engineers, computers, scientists, doctors, builders —- women don't want to do that. They want to do all the stuff that doesn't make money. They want to sing and dance and be creative. Yet, only a very few people make money in those professions.