Beyonce and Husband Jay-Z Top Vanity Fair’s Power Players List

    October 8, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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Its definitely that time again for Vanity Fair. The 2013 unveiling of “The New Establishment” has been released. The ever-popular list encompasses 25 candidates including prominent musicians, business magnates, CEOs, and fashion designers. However, it’s no surprise who tops the list this year.

First they topped “Forbes: Most Powerful Couples” list last month. Now, they’ve taken over Vanity Fair. That’s right! Beyonce and Jay-Z head the list of elite ‘power players’ in this year’s “New Establishment.”

“The New Establishment” determines ranks based on global conquests, professional accolades, financial growth, and notable business mergers and acquisitions. The list also features an entertaining “Off the Clock” column for each candidate, which equates to a “Things You Didn’t Know” briefing that offers little known facts about those in discussion.

The ’03 Bonnie and Clyde’ jumped up an impressive seven spots from last year’s Vanity list where they landed in the No. 8 slot. Earning approximately $95 million last year, the power couple has definitely made great strides on stage and in the board room.

Beyonce kicked the year off with a jaw-dropping Super Bowl performance that took the world by storm. However, the Super Bowl performance actually served as just a mere teasing prelude to her “Mrs. Carter” tour, which sold approximately $2 million a night.

Jay-Z also garnered a massive financial gain with the “Watch the Throne” tour with rapper, Kanye West. As one of rap’s most highly publicized tours, it brought in an estimated $1.4 million a night in the United States alone. His latest 30-day stadium tour, “Legends of the Summer” also grossed an estimated $69.75 million collectively.

The dynamic duo also had a number of other business investments that raked in sizable profits. Jay-Z’s Roc Nation empire and Beyonce’s House of Dereon clothing line both saw financial gains over the past year. Jay-Z also sold his share in the Barclay Center and the Brooklyn Nets for a decent profit. However, Jay-Z’s most recent feat was the success of his latest album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” The album was certified platinum by the RIAA before it even hit stores due to the success of the Samsung pre-order deal he acquired months prior to the album’s release.

The power couple also has a total of 34 Grammys collectively, coincidentally winning 17 a piece. The steep number of wins is definitely a record-breaking, unprecedented feat.

The “Off the Clock” column in “The New Establishment” also revealed fun facts about the couple. According to Vanity, Beyonce informed GQ Magazine that she’s actually had a ‘mini-reality documentary’ of her personal life in full swing since 2005. Jay-Z also revealed, in a light-hearted moment while tweeting, that his favorite cereal was Cap’n Crunch.

Although, the world may see them as ‘superheroes’ Queen Bey and ‘Jay Hova’ are just humans like everyone else. They just ‘happened’ to top the Forbes list and Vanity Fair.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • New Establishment?

    It is not a new establishment. It has been around for ages — it is called the Illuminati.

    People can think they do not exist but I assure you they are real. Hollywood is a big part of their organization because Hollywood can sway the masses. Hollywood can do three very important things: A) propagate propaganda b) dumb down the masses and c) promote disinformation.

    However, I will say this. The people in Hollywood are being used. The are a means to an end. There are people in this world much much more powerful than those found in Hollywood.

    • Cheryl

      Oh no, I think it exists. It’s called hard work. When have you not seen these two in the media? It means that they’re working and have millions of fans. As long as the fans buy tickets and music, then they will continue to illuminate Hollywood. Illuminate = SHINE BRIGHTLY. There is nothing sinister about belonging to a circle of friends/fellow artists that illuminate the world and make millions while doing so. Hell, I’d trade places with them any day!

      • Please

        Jay-Z was a former crack dealer and ruined the lives of many many many people. He openly talks about this and says that is where he learned all of his “business skills”.

        Be careful who you back in this life and who you would want to trade places with.

      • Illuminate the World?

        Saints, scientists, teachers, and people who fight for Peace in the world illuminate the world. People who work with the poor illuminate the world.

        Rap artists, business men, and fashion designers think only about making money. I have been to those types of gatherings. I assure you that saving humanity and the common people are not on their minds.

        Sorry it doesn’t sound you bought into the illumination …. rather the illusion.

        • Dumb…

          You have to be kidding me… For one, the illumimate don’t exist. And even if they still did people today have totally blown out of proportion what they exactly stood for, which was NOT worship of the devil. Learn the fact before you speak, Secondly, not every mega-star is always about making money. There are many that posses great fame and do soooo much to give back to the world. Which is what makes people love them even more. You sound more like a pure hater than anything else. Because you definitely don’t sound smart.

          • Lilsexxy

            So sad that you people worship creatures than your creator. Wow. I guess its because you cant see God is the reason why u people are worshipping what they throw in your face. Please pick up ur bible people and pay attention whats going on around us in this wicked cold world. Stop being so ignorant.