Beware The Fake Matt Cutts

    January 29, 2012
    Chris Crum
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One or more people are going around impersonating Google’s head of web spam (and now “Distinguished Engineer”) Matt Cutts, leaving comments on various articles on the web. It’s been going on for a while.

Usually, if you pay close enough attention, you can spot the fakes, but sometimes they can be deceiving.

We’ve had a fake Matt Cutts leaving a bunch of comments here on WebProNews lately. We delete them as we spot them, but sometimes they still surface, so beware of what you’re reading. Of course, the impostor(s) hasn’t been sticking to WebProNews only. Here are a couple of tweets from Cutts the other day:

@sarahcuda another fake comment to report. I didn’t comment on http://t.co/zqzaxxf6 . http://t.co/q5CYMOLp is fake. Any way to delete it? 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

@sarahcuda no worries–thanks for taking care of it. “Pretending to be Matt Cutts” would be a boring/lame game; surprised anyone plays it :) 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Lame indeed. With all due respect to Cutts. Pretending to be others and spreading misinformation is lame. Period. So, fake Matt Cutts, please leave us alone. Real Matt Cutts, feel free to chime in any time. Readers, just beware that the comments you read may or may not be real. We’ll continue to police them the best we can.

If you are a regular follower of what the real Cutts says, and what he is saying in a comment sounds like something he wouldn’t say, there’s a good chance it’s not him who said it. If you’re ever unsure, and you care enough to make a decision based on what was or wasn’t said, Cutts has said in the past that he will verify via Twitter whether it was him that said it. So keep that in mind.

  • Joseph

    Hey Chris

    At least the fake Matt Cutts takes some time out to respond and interact on Web Pro News :) That’s a whole lot more then I can say for the real Matt Cutts.

    The REAL Matt Cutts doesn’t care about webmasters, he just cares about the GOOG symbol on the stock exchange……

    Maybe if the real Matt Cutts actually made some Real comments instead of always just taking the passive stance on everything the fake Matt would not exist…..

    Anyway…..This reminds me of the “sockmoney” Vs Shoemoney.com website years ago 😉




    • Chris

      The real Cutts commented on an article we posted the other day (about losers of the Page Layout algo update). Either or that or the fake Cutts commented almost exactly what the real Cutts tweeted at me.

      • http://www.search.za.com/ Ashish

        Hey dude,
        same incident happened with me where I found Cutts commented exactly the same way as he did in twitter.

      • Joseph

        Yeah, I saw that…….they are actually really close if you ask me 😉

        The real Matt needs to start a fan club now – LOL

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  • Keep on Wrecking the Internet

    Why would I be even remotely interested in what Matt Cutts (Google’s Schizophrenic Left Hand) is doing or, saying? I definitely wouldn’t be interested in following what he has to say in 140 characters or, less.(Tweet)

    I mean has he ever said anything more than indecipherable doublespeak?

    Bring on the fake Matt Cutts! At least there will be a yuck factor in what he says that might just give me a good laugh.

    I’d say beware of the “Real Matt Cutts” he’s about as fake as they come. He’ll drive you crazy making changes to your websites if you listen to him.

    The one word of advice I will take for him is not to write content for Google and with that I will expand it to not altering the appearance of my site for Google either. It’s my website! Suffit Matt Cutts! Stuffit Google!

  • Matt Cutts

    I have to admit, impersonating Matt Cutts is really lame.