Beware The Duplicate Content Curse

    May 28, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

One webmaster found Google unwilling to index pictures located in an images directory, but some extra content apparently left the site afoul of Google’s guidelines.

Here’s the short version: don’t stick cached content in a directory you want Google to index. Chances are the Googlebot will freak out and run screaming from your server.

Michael VandDeMar wrote at Smackdown how a simple test of indexing images in a subdirectory ended up with Googly accusations of webmaster malfeasance.

Opening a discussion on a Google Groups webmaster help discussion eventually attracted the attention of a Google staffer, John Mueller, who took a peek into VanDeMar’s images subdirectory and found some terrifying creepy-crawlies therein:

In particular regarding your /images/ subdirectory I noticed that there are some things which could be somewhat problematic. These are just two examples:

– You appear have copies of other people