Betty White Fans Mourn Her Two Days After Death is Revealed to be a Joke


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People, come on. Betty White is not dead. Quite a few people have missed the memo that the Hot in Cleveland star was the victim of a death hoax/homophone, as people are still paying their respects to the "late actress" online.

The rumor that Betty White passed away started on Wednesday after an article posted to the satirical Empire News website had a headline that read, "Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home."

Apparently a lot of people don't get the difference between "dies" and "dyes," as roughly 90 percent of people with a Facebook or Twitter account had a breakdown at the so-called news. It's also apparent that none of the people that got upset actually took the time to read the article, which was all about Betty White dyeing her hair.

She likes to relax in her home with her animals, and she rarely likes to discuss the fact, at least in public, that she is actually a brunette. She has been dyeing her own hair in her home for decades. Betty has often told me she feels it is relaxing and soothing to dye her own hair, peacefully in her home, where she can laugh and enjoy time with her animals. She’s said on more than one occasion that as a blonde, she has had ‘more fun’ in her roles, and in life.

After the "news" broke, we then saw tweets like this:

Thankfully, a representative for White issued a statement confirming that the actress is not dead on the same day the rumor started going around. “She is on the set shooting Hot in Cleveland right now,” agent Jeff Witjas told Los Angeles Times.

So, you'd think that between White's agent confirming that she is alive shortly after the rumor spread like wildfire and a full 48 hours passing since the statement was released that most people would get that she is not, in fact, dead.

Uh, no.

People are still posting to Facebook and Twitter talking about how sad White's passing is and how their lives will never be the same. True, when the last remaining Golden Girl does die, it will be devastating, but why is it so difficult for people to get on the same page given how much time has passed?

These #RIP type posts have come in the last few hours:


One more time, people: Betty. White. Is. Not. Dead.