Better Ad Targeting on Facebook with Keyword Suggestions

    June 30, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook has begun offering keyword suggestions for it’s ads. This could go a long way to help advertisers better target Facebook users.

When a user goes to create an ad on Facebook, they begin the process by designing the ad. Here they select the landing page, the ad copy, and an optional image. Then they are presented with the targeting section, which now features the keyword suggestions.

Keyword suggestions

The feature was noticed by All Facebook’s Nick O’Neill, who stumbled upon it while testing features of the Facebook advertising system. "While it may not appear to be a big deal, this feature could help significantly increase revenue as each advertisement ends up with a broader reach," says O’Neill.

That’s a good point. It could be not only be good for advertisers, but Facebook as well. It could give Facebook advertising more weight and get more advertisers on board as a result. Add that to a possible web-wide Facebook payment platform, and Facebook might be able to make some good money.

The keywords are based on information users list in their profiles like activities, favorite books, tv shows, movies, etc. It can be hard to know what people are listing, so the suggestions could be quite useful.