Bette Midler Covers TLC's "Waterfalls"

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Bette Midler announced this week that she will be kicking off her first tour in a decade in May, starting on the East coast and zig-zagging across the country, and fans who purchase their tickets online will also receive a copy of her latest album, It's The Girls, which covers several hits by girl groups throughout the decades. The songstress mixes old classics with fare through the '90s, including a version of TLC's "Waterfalls".

Midler said she's loved the song since she first heard it, but her version is stripped down to create a vintage sound. She also said that TLC paved the way for some of our other favorite girl groups.

"I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and I could hear through the beat to what the story really was. It's a classic ballad....A lot of their work was underappreciated. If it hadn't been for 'No Scrubs,' I don't think you would have 'Bills, Bills, Bills," which is also one of the greatest songs written, as far as I'm concerned," Midler said.

It's The Girls contains everything from the swing sounds of the '40s to the Shirelles, and will be released on November 17. Midler says she chose each song on the album because they have a special meaning or story behind them.

"It's like finding a beautiful piece of jewelry or clothing that you've totally forgotten about and it's a little down-at-the-heel. You polish it up or you put some starch in it. Suddenly, it looks new again," she said.

See below for the star's tour dates.

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