Bette Midler: Young Female Pop Stars Are Gross

    November 1, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Being the veteran performer that Bette Midler is, she is entitled to judge the young talent, and recently came out calling those young stars like Miley Cyrus gross.

Just as most people these days, she simply feels that the young pop stars could use a lesson in class, and learn how to act like adults.

Midler is also known by her informal stage nickname The Divine Miss M, and has had a very successful career as both an singer-songwriter and an actress.

Perhaps her most well-known film gig was the Halloween kids favorite Hocus Pocus. She is truly a superstar at what she does, and throughout her career has been nominated for two Academy Awards, won three Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes, three Emmys, and one Tony Award.

After 20 years, the film is a classic Halloween selection for many people to watch around the holiday, and the actress even opened up about the film recently, saying that it is one of her favorites.

In Bette Midler’s recent attack of the young pop star generation, she has urged young pop stars to show some class as they continue to test their boundaires of creativity and sexiness. She also added that they are continuing to risk demeaning all women, while carrying on with their “gross” stunts.

Of course, when thinking of these gross stunts, the incident at the VMA’s with Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke certainly comes to mind. Midler also refers to the new song from Britney Spears, titled “Work B**ch,” in which she dances around in a bikini, cracking a whip at a woman on the floor.

Her revealing interview about the young pop stars took place with Katie Couric on her show Katie yesterday, on Halloween. While some of the performers claim to simply be pushing boundaries and not doing anything wrong, Bette Midler clearly states that “there’s a difference between pushing the envelope sexually and pushing the envelope creatively.”

Bette Midler also went on to say that the sexual-boundary pushing is not flattering to the women themselves. The young stars like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are certainly not putting themselves in a good light, and most people do not want to see them showing off the majority of their body while on stage either.

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  • Really

    I kind of agree with that tweet. Where was Bette, when Madonna started all this. Heck, we could even go back further in time. Go look at the nude photos Madonna did when she was 18. This is what women do. They use sex to get ahead.

    This isn’t a new phenomenon.

    • D. J.

      Not all women use sex but it can be traced back to Biblical times for those who believe in God and what is written in the Bible….I believe.

      I think todays entertainers, especially women, have lost their way. I think society as a whole does not project positive moral values and ethics which are much needed and we can see the results of such actions. I feel that people are more willing to do anything today to make a buck and that includes selling your soul to the devil. What I hate is that they are not looking to the future and the what ifs. What happens when you have a family and children who get old enough to understand what you have done and what some may still be doing. I want my child to be proud of that fact that I am his mother. If you read some of the interviews that Madonna did after having her daughter, you will find that she does have a lot of regret. The sad thing about is that is what people expect from her and that is what brings the big buck. It’s like being typecast, once you are there is no turning back.

      Think about what you are doing before you do it and ask yourself if you are projecting a positive image for todays youth. If you answer no, look for a better route. We all have responsibilities to society, not just entertainers.

      By the way….I agree with Bette Midler….Miley Cyrus is beyond gross and if I had a daughter like that I would still be whipping that…..well you know.

      • @D.J.

        Thanks for the feedback. I can appreciate what you are saying. I don’t think we should judge though. In my long life, what I have learned is that the people we think are so “good” really aren’t that good and those we think are so “bad” aren’t really that bad.

        I worked at a prison and I can tell you right now that there are cops that are walking around that have murdered people in prison. We think cops are so wonderful but behind closed doors they can be so very awful. I know prisoners that we think are so “bad” but I will swear on a stack of bibles a mile high, that many people in our prisons are innocent. I will go to my grave telling the world this. After all, Christ was a convicted felon that was convicted in a kangaroo court and executed, even though he never harmed a soul. If the world will do that to Christ, what do you think they would do to the common man?

        The world has changed too. When I was growing up, sex meant something. It was a big deal to french kiss. To the kids of today, sex is just like holding hands. They don’t think twice about it. Our kids are much more worldly. Plus, they look 10 years older than they really are. When I was a kid, 14 year old girls still climbed trees. Now they wear g-strings, go to raves, and purposely go after adult men. Times are much different.

        I hear you though and for the most part I agree. Good comment.

  • Hank

    I can’t believe Bette Midler is talking about class..

    she started her career in the gay bath houses and from I hear no one could have been more raunchy or gross than her…. talk about classy..

    She has no class and no room to talk about other performers..
    You should take a good close look at yourself Bette , before you start putting other people down

  • leslie

    Bette is a class act. She always has been, even when she was younger. Yes, she did push the envelope when she was younger, but she has grown as a human being, a great humanitarian and an incredible performer. Do you think that we will say that about Lady Gaga, and Brittany when they are her age. I doubt it. She moves me to tears when she sings, because it is truly from her heart, you cannot fake that! She is simply BETTE!

    • Interesting

      You don’t know what the future holds for anyone. Bette has a long history of acting crazy. You are just one of those people that got caught up in the movie Beaches and think that is real life. Go back and look at Madonna’s career. Miley is following lock step with that. In fact, I think they share the same agent. But like the person above said — every woman is doing this. Just turn on your tv. I bet you can’t go 5 channels without a woman capitalizing on sex. Heck, Bette did it when she was young too! Who are we kidding?


    Bette always pushed the envelope creatively, but not sexually. Having said that, I don’t think her era would allow for these antics. I suppose today the mermaids out there would be offended by her act!

    • Interesting

      Bette’s era and their extreme conservatism has caused all this. We made sex taboo in this country. We know everyone loves it and does it a lot, but we made it dirty. When you repress something that everyone does, people act out. That is why there is an epidemic of porn use, adult entertainment, sexting, stripping, and prostitution. You make something taboo and it will flourish. The funny thing is that everyone is in denial. Read the surveys on sex. Most people paint themselves as saints and prudish. Read the data on internet usage, phone sex, strip joint attendance, prostitution usage, and sexting/web cam sex. The two reports are polar opposites. It is all just hypocritical. But that is what America is — one big hypocrisy after another.

  • John

    This from a women who once flashed her boob at the crowd while on stage

    • Interesting

      Yeah I know. People don’t deal with reality and have selective memories. Bette did a lot of raunchy things.

  • Amazing

    I think people fail to understand that this is what America is all about. America loves sex. We are phony about what we say, but the reality is that we are sex crazed. So is the entire world. We fight against our natural instincts. Here is an experiment for you. Just go to any public place and observe. What you see is men constantly checking out women and women constantly checking out men. It has nothing to do with getting to know a person, age, social status, or any made up excuse we give. It is all about attraction. If we were more realistic about sex in this country, we would have much less problems. Bette’s generation made three things taboo: sex, drugs, and rock&roll. Today, what three things flourish in this nation? Sex, drugs, and rock&roll.

    Bette’s generation is the cause of many problems. Her generation was so out of touch with reality that they actually believed hiding under their desks would save them from a thermonuclear bomb. They bought into everything the government told them hook, line, and sinker.

    Don’t get me wrong. Today, many people are still out of touch with reality. Parents have no idea what their kids are doing and they still think their teenagers are “children” contrary to all the evidence around them that tells them otherwise. But please don’t give me this crap that it was “better” in the olden days because actually the rigid mindset of the “olden” days has contributed greatly to things getting out of control.