Bethesda Moves Alduin Wall To Its Office [Pictures]

    May 23, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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Bethesda is an awesome company. Not only do they make two of the greatest gaming franchises (Elder Scrolls, and Elder Scrolls Future Fallout) they have a great office. It is now even better with the addition of the commissioned Skyrim Alduin Wall that was on display at E3 and PAX.

The Alduin wall played a prominent part in the game. It features the story as to how Alduin was defeated the first time. The wall was featured prominently in the early advertising for Skyrim and is a sight to behold. Check out the arrival and install photos courtesy of Kotaku:

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    Now ENVY is controlling my mind!

    Awesome design, asesome idea.

  • Me

    Of course, Elder Scrolls is only a mediocre game, and their Fallouts are far inferior to the original Fallouts. They aren’t the greatest game franchises. Just saying. Cool pictures of a cool piece of art.