Bethenny Frankel Hits 100–Episodes, That Is

    February 12, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Bethenny Frankel hit the big 100 mark as she celebrated that many episodes of her ill-fated talk show. Most people will shake their heads in astonishment over the fact that the show hasn’t been cancelled yet. The former Real Housewives of New York star feted her accomplishment in the company of The TODAY Show’s Hoda Kotb as well as Tamar Braxton and Loni Love.

The Bethenny Frankel Show has earned unimpressive ratings throughout its run, so it’s really quite something that it’s made it to its 100th episode. Bethenny’s lack of ability to attain big name guest stars has been the show’s biggest downfall. It has become a “parade of Real Housewives and other associated reality stars.”

The cheery celebration marking the 100th episode included a big cake rolled out by Hoda Kotb. The guests then proceeded to eat the confection with their hands.

Frankel jokingly took to Twitter to ask Hoda Kotb what kind of cake she would like to have–but she wasn’t referring to TODAY Show episodes.

It wasn’t so long ago that Bethenny Frankel was purportedly upset about a rumored cancellation of her show by its co-creator and co-producer Ellen DeGeneres. However the two appeared on her show together just this past fall, and everything seemed just fine. Do you suppose the episode when Ellen visited garnered enough viewers to boost Bethanny’s ratings? (Was that mean?)

It will certainly be interesting to see what becomes of The Bethanny Frankel Show in the future months, but in the meantime she certainly does deserve everyone’s congrats for moving forward with her paltry panel of guests.

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  • casper

    Don't watch the show. Way to many talk shows on the way it is, and they all talk about the same thing like a broken record.

  • Pandora403

    Cancel her!

  • meadowlark

    I like her and never miss her show if possible.

  • http://blackwomandown.com/ Ruth Leslie

    I've enjoyed watching Bethenny's talk show. I like her selection of guests. The not-so-good part is the dating advice segment. One of the panelist, Charlemagne, is not right for this show. http://blackwomandown.com

  • carter.jack60@yahoo.com


  • Jan

    Bye Bye Bethany….never watched the show and do not plan to anytime soon.

    • alyce1213

      I watched it once. It was more than enough. Worst.

  • ma

    Why her?? She's beyond annoying. Say bye bye, please

  • MIssy

    I have seen her show a time or two and I like it pretty well. The shows I have seen were light and fun and she engages the audience a lot.

  • andrea

    Sometimes the B listers or reality stars are a lot more fun to listen to then the Big name "stars".

    • Jadzeia

      Try C listers.

  • Liz Ellis Van Diepenbos

    I like it, I catch it when I can. She is real. Says it like it is. I appreciate the candor. I also give her credit not only is she a successful business woman, but also has lived life.

  • edward lynch

    That's funny………she celebrates on a show that no one watches either…….haha..

  • Annie

    People do not watch because this woman has never done anything to deserve fame.
    I watch a show if the host has earned my attention.

  • Sharon Maclean

    I watch her sometimes I like ellen and I know she is producer of the show

  • Jennifer

    I don't think it was meant to be a celebrity talk show. It's about women and our problems. There's enough celeb talk shows- I like Bethanny for what it is.

  • Jill Johnson

    Had no idea it hadn't been cancelled months ago. I've never seen it.

  • gurgasrule

    I don't see any downfalls on Bethennys show – we all cannot be on the same pg at the Same time- I take in what interests me & fwd thru what does not=so far hv not fwd thru any part of Bethennys/or Ellens shows lol

  • gurgasrule

    We need to support our Female friends, whether close or far/we as women r so not ea others friends. Really too bad/as men really do support ea other-in their own way-we on the otherhand r so Catty.. Bethenny really puts it out there & it is all Good.