Bethenny Frankel Gets Raunchy On New Talk Show

    June 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Bethenny Frankel has had her share of press lately after using her “Real Housewives Of New York” fame to land two reality shows on Bravo–“Bethenny Getting Married” and “Bethenny Ever After”–and landing her own morning talk show on Fox. Although the show, which is produced by Ellen Degeneres, has only aired in select cities during a trial run, it’s getting good ratings so far, which means we’ll more than likely be seeing even more of Bethenny.

She’s already managed to get a hot scoop from actress Kate Walsh, who confirmed during an interview that she would be leaving “Private Practice” soon. So far, Bethenny has been her usual outrageous self, tackling issues she feels women want to talk about such as jacuzzi bathtub orgasms and the best time of day to have sex.

“It’s what women talk about. If it’s over the top, then I’m over the top. That’s what I talk about with my girlfriends,” she said.

Frankel has already found quite a bit of success with her SkinnyGirl line of drinks and cookbooks and is hoping to take her popularity a bit more into the mainstream. With someone like Ellen backing her, it’s a good bet she’ll do just that.

  • smallmiracle

    Not interest in ever watching a talk show hosted by Bethenny. It’s not in my area right now….Can’t understand how she ever acquired a talk show. Listening to her voice, is grating, for one thing., and her humor, is obnoxious after the first one liner. I just don’t get it. I wish her luck though….obviously she’s got more money than God right now, so, have a good time with yourself Bethenny…and I am NOT a hater.
    I just call em as I see em….just like you.

  • Kim

    Love Bethany! I have been looking for her talk show in New Orleans, but I guess we don’t have it here? I hope it airs here soon!!
    I’ve tried her Skinny Girl line of skin products & love the lotions, but I can’t find them in the store anymore? Where can I get them?

  • Dyan

    Obviously Bethany has a good publicist because she has no talent.Why anyone would want to watch this show is beyond me.If you call being obnoxious keeping it real then you need therapy.Will turn the channel on Frankel at every opportunity.

  • Robert

    Total waste of time to watch. No talent, boring, and she is ugly. Bethenny and Oprah should disappear forever.