Beth Chapman Yells At Teen, Issued Arrest Warrant

    July 26, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Beth Chapman is used to being able to raise her voice at wrongdoers; as Dog the Bounty Hunter’s other half–both romantically and professionally–she’s tracked down criminals in dangerous situations for years. As the only woman on the team, sometimes it pays to raise her voice. But when she yelled at a passing teenager who was driving too fast past the family’s fishing spot in Colorado, she wasn’t counting on having a warrant issued for her own arrest.

According to TMZ, Chapman allegedly yelled at the teen, calling her a “tramp” and a “whore” among other things. When things escalated, another person who was with the girl flashed a gun at Chapman, who left after calling 911. But the girl and her friend were still there, and because Beth is such a recognizable figure, they were able to file a police report against her for harassment. In Colorado, it’s illegal to taunt or use “coarse language” against someone, so a summons was issued for Chapman to appear in court. However, she failed to show, so now an arrest warrant has been issued for her.

“Perhaps once all the facts are kind of brought to the fore and there’s kind of an overview by law enforcement of what happened, hopefully this matter will be over,” Chapman family attorney Gary Lozow of Denver said. “But assuming that that isn’t an option, she’ll go through the court system, and she’ll be exonerated.”

Chapman’s lawyer says she’s making arrangements to turn herself in. Apparently, the man in possession of the gun wasn’t in violation of any law.

  • tamarahope

    Good I think its great maybe this will knock her down a few pegs,her & dog think they are above the law(this is apparent by the fact she didn’t go to court)when their show is based on people not showing up for court-that’s pretty stupid of her!I still haven’t figured out how he can be a bounty hunter & be armed like he is w/his murder conviction!

    • whatever

      He is known for NOT carrying lethal weapons. He carries mace. Anything else you stated is likely WRONG as well. Love how you are ok with Teens being jerks and showing a REAL gun at a family with little children. Idiot.

      • Kyle

        Learn your facts, dog wasn’t convicted of murder he was considerd an accessory because he was waiting in a vehicle for a guy who commited the crime he had no idea but he was there so that was enough. And dog and Beth have put thousnads of really bad people behind bars and made the streets alot safer in Hawaii and Colorado . And the fact she yelled at these kids for driving wrecklessly while being so close to her kids is absolutely right! Then they flash a gun? You can bet if someone flashes a gun at my family I’d be calling her some choice words too, then Beth gets a warrant for yelling? Ridiculous.

        • TLMurphy

          The fact that Dog has a previous conviction does not matter. He did the crime and did his time. And he has more than made up for WHATEVER sins of the past he is guilty of. We should all learn to let go of the past and move forward…always trying to better ourselves and do good for others.

          • Mike

            He never served his time completely, and he never served his time in Mexico, he is a piece of trash and a hypocrite.

          • Mya Faire

            Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya…

        • Mike

          An accessory to murder is still a participant in said murder. Any death that results in the death of another person is murder. If you rob your local 7/11 and the clerk has a heart attack and dies out of fear, you have committed murder under the law and will be prosecuted for it.

        • Mya Faire

          The “choice words” came first, and are what caused the teens to become sufficiently frightened that they felt it necessary to display a weapon. Wouldn’t you be scared if that family came after you?

          P.S. ALL teens speed. A natural part of growing up. And, if you want to tell me that your kids don’t, then you’re fooling yourself. They’re smart enough not to do it in front of you.


        Hey whatever,
        your an idiot !Ive watched the show, and they are a couple of ridiculously looking assholes that think their shit don’t stink.they harass innocent neighbors and family of ALLEGED criminals!!I have seen them verbally abuse the elderly ,the young ,even told a mother to tell her son that his father had a heart attack to get him to come back to their state so they could pick him up on a misdemeanor warrant (the same warrant beth has now) the criminals they chase in Hawaii must be punks because if they tried that shit in dayton ohio (dog ) would get those false teeth kicked out of his joe dirt having hair cut head.besides if beth is so afraid of guns why is she with a known murder?dog has been to prison for murder and has been released while, the person he killed is still dead.beth also dresses like a whore showing her gross ass tits hanging out all over the place and she calls this young teenager a slut and whore ,which was at a lake and probably had on swim attire. hypocrites,hypocrites,hypocrites . you are an asswhole and loser just like them for your uncalled for remark to tamarahope.its not fun to be called names on the net is it loser!!! who is even to say that it even went down like beth said,they are known liars.I think she wasnt mining her own business and started shit.why didnt big bad dog use his pep;per spray to take the alleged gun from the perp?

        • lynn


          • Diddle Fiddler

            I guess your reading a Biography makes you an expert huh? You must be a very simple person to presume knowledge based off a book that what inherently scripted and tailored to his liking. Guess you would know him best though!

        • bellaboo

          @Kelly….Freedom of speech…u have the right to say what u said….BRAVO!!!…now its my turn…UR A MORON!!

          • Angela

            @bellaboo Thanks for the laugh!

        • TLMurphy

          OMG….I know I shouldn’t waste my time on replying to your nonsense but I just can’t resist. You sound like a child out on the playground in elementary school calling people names. You my friend are just an immature loud mouth who has no class whatsoever. Go back to school and learn some manners.

      • ezeey_rydur

        Convicted felons can’t own, or carry a gun.

      • Mike


    • James

      They are only armed with pepper spray. Idiot

      • Mike

        Because FELONS can’t carry guns, idiot

    • Diddle Fiddler

      Outside of Hawaii and Colorado he can’t. He can just ride along for moral support because he can’t be licensed in any other state. Felons are restricted. That is why they take the son and other companies he is, “Mentoring”.

  • Marc

    So verbal taunts is against the law, but flashing a weapon in a threatening manner is not?

    • Bob

      LOL Always knew that Beth would be arrested for something some day. Why do you think they no longer liv e or work in Hawaii ? they were kicked out for the same thing over and over again and Judge Richardson got tired of the warnings and the verbal abuse even to the courts they were told to leave the state and not come back
      A convicted felon in COLORADO is not allowed to be a bounty hunter why are their state reps and gov’t allowing it ?

      • steve

        Dude,your an Idiot.

    • Mike

      Well y’all seem to think what Zimmerman did was okay, this girl only drew a weapon to protect herself from the one of only two living trolls that I know of. You can’t let a troll get a hold of you. I hear they eat humans.

    • Mya Faire

      How do you know what a “threatening manner” is? These two stupid reality show jerks get weapons pulled on them all the time in their work. Used to chasing violent felons, suddenly they feel threatened by some kid? Beth, give Dog his balls back.

  • whatever

    Colorado has now officially entered the race for stupidest state law ever. Maybe that is why they don’t like being called names – dumb a$$e$$ tend to get called them OFTEN.

  • Kathleen

    I thought this country had free speech.

    • bellaboo

      @kathleen…EXACTLY!!! freedom of speech ppl…get it? got it? GOOD!!!

    • Donna

      it does have “Free Speech” Until you try to exercise it….lol

    • Mike

      With all rights come responsibilities. Cussing and berating people is not part of the first amendment. Go up to any politician, local or federal and tell him or her they are tramps hos or whatever and see what happens. Here in Texas cussing in public or at someone is called Disorderly Conduct By Language. Yes in Texas it is still illegal to cuss, especially in front of women and children. Heck you can file a charge for every time a person flips you the bird.

  • angela

    So in some states you can not yell at teenagers going too fast in a car. Other states you can track down an unarmed teenager and get away with murder. Hmmmmmm….

    • RedShark

      Obviously you know zero of the facts! Your obviously uninformed comment shows more about you than I bet you care to have revealed. Can you say ignorance? Because you’re chock full of it. Trayvon wasn’t murdered…hate to break it to you, but a court of law and a jury of Zimmermans peers say you are wrong.

      • Mike

        You must be a racist. In Texas if you have a Concealed carry License and are in a situation you MUST FIRST TRY TO ESCAPE BEFORE USING YOUR WEAPON, YOU CANNOT FOLLOW A PERSON NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK THEY ARE UP TO, PICK A FIGHT WITH THEM AND CALL IT SELF DEFENSE. It’s the same in Florida, I don’t know why Zimmerman’s prosecutors didn’t focus more on that.

    • Marine Sniper

      You are one racist black@$$. The gang-banging POS you are referring to was NOT murdered. He tried the “gangsta” BS on the wrong (right) person, and got exactly what he deserved. He was a no-good punk@$$ POS GANG-BANGER.

      • Mike

        God you are the biggest idiot posting today. Gangsta? What a scary kid, smoked some weed and was holding tea and skittles hostage. Zimmerman couldn’t wait to kill someone. God will handle it.

    • Diddle Fiddler

      What else can you tell us about the past, present and future? You can apparently see things that the professionals can’t.

    • http://yahoo Kathy

      If you are referring to Trayvon Martin you are an idiot. Not one tracked him down. My God you are stupid.

      • Mike

        I’m sorry, did you NOT hear the 911 call where Zimmerman was FOLLOWING TRAYVON AND THE DISPATCHER SAID “WE DON’T NEED YOU TO DO THAT, STOP FOLLOWING HIM”? You are an idiot

      • Mya Faire

        Oh Kathy, you really should check your facts before publicly embarrassing yourself. Zimmerman called the police, who told him NOT to follow Martin. Zimmerman did it anyway, AGAINST DIRECT POLICE INSTRUCTION. Zimmerman caused the confrontation, got scared, and then killed his “prey”. Justice denied!

  • terri

    She can tend to be Super Nasty & Mean I’ve seen her be nasty to ppl with less than they have & there is no reason for that & it’s easy to run ur BIG mouth when u have a team to back u up so I think it’s time to call it quits Retire & she was NOT the only female of the Team Baby Leesa was too another one & I feel for her kids esp her daughters.

  • RedShark

    She should be arrested for indecent exposure! That troll is hideous!

    • TLW

      You’re a DICK. Seriously. I’m sure your mother wishes she aborted you. You’re an embarrassment.

      • Mya Faire

        Apparently, you’re a walking partial abortion. So sorry they took your brain before your mother changed her mind.

    • Glenda Harlow

      You wouldn’t have the guts to talk to her like that to her face.You are an ignorant coward.Crawl back under the rock you slithered out of.We love you Beth.do not let stupid people bother you.

      • Mike

        You’re the ignorant coward. Beth is nothing more than TRASH and will always be trash.

  • areyouserious

    Beth and Dog may not use the most refined ways of getting things done, but from what I’ve read on them, they are good people. If such a law in CO exists, I never heard of it the 10 years I lived there! It IS against the law for teens to drink, however. Police didn’t pick up on that, but believe a drinking teen’s story. If that teen has never used foul language in public, I’d be real surprised.

  • brian

    So she skips out….and dog has to hunt her done….stay tuned…

  • lynn


    • Mike

      I was beaten by my drug-addicted alcoholic father and mother, molested by my brother and raised in the most impoverished conditions imaginable. I never have been to prison, like Dog, and I am a REAL PREACHER, not one who prays one minute and calls people everything but a sweet milk cow in the next. And speaking of sweet milk cows, Beth broke the law so let her pay. Dog has usurped the law at every chance and failed to pay his debt to society so why is he trying to make the people he chases.

    • Mya Faire

      This is about Beth.

  • cornell t.

    who gives a…. ? but i think , when you are so famous, have you under controllllll, girl !
    on the other hand, i maybe would do the same think !they deal with alot of “junk” !! lol

    • Diddle Fiddler

      They are not a “Non For Profit”. They above all others should know bad comes with the good.

  • Diddle Fiddler

    Such a great example for her followers she continues to be. Regardless of what she says to the Judge, She failed to appear. Maybe dog had to give her his Bull Shit pep-talk. Doesn’t she know God is Good because they are wealthy. Maybe Dog is holding out for the 250,000 appearance fee he likes to charge for events. I guess will never know. Maybe for the day the will quit using PSD terminology they learned from Academia, maybe their kid will quit with the constant T-shirts from them. At least he has done more than one course he had to pay out the ass for.

  • TLW

    Wait….WHAT??? The person who pulled a GUN isn’t in violation of the law, but Beth is — for YELLING at the little skank bitch??? SERIOUSLY???? In other words, Colorado is just as backward-a$$ as f**king FLORIDA. RIDICULOUS. This is what happens when republiTARDS are in office.

  • Glenda Harlow

    The teen is lucky that Beth wasn’t able to snatch her stupid ass out of that car and beat her.I was unaware that there are so many haters in the world.Any Mother and Grandmother would react the same way if children were placed in danger by an out of control person.Leave Beth alone.She should get a medal for speaking up.

    • Mya Faire

      You let your kids play in the road?

    • Mya Faire

      You say that “Beth wasn’t able to snatch her stupid ass out of that car and beat her”. Yup, it’s official. You’re a hater. Step down off your pedestal and join your fellow haters.


    It wil amaze me to see what the findings will be. Beth had a right to tell anyone to slow down if they are driving too fast. Beth should come out on top. The diver is lucky all she got was yelled at. Praying for protection for you Sister Beth and your family.

  • http://yahoo julie

    I think the kid and his parents just want to have fifteen minutes of fame. I am a Mother and Grandmother and if some teen age reckless driver was doing something stupid to endanger children I would scream at them too.

    • TMM

      Did you read the article? It stated the CHapman called the police and then left. The other people weren’t looking for anything other than to shut her big nasty mouth up. This Chapman family may seem like one thing on the outside to the public but if one actually pays attention to them and read between the lines they’d see that they’re just as trashy as the people they hunt.

  • Renae

    Who would not yell at teens who are driving above the speed limit with your children or grandchildren around or anyone’s children? Then, they have the guts to flash a gun. When did it become legal for teenagers to carry a gun? Where are the parents of these teenagers? As far as I know the parents are responsible for their underage children’s actions. Maybe one or two of the parents of the teenagers needs to go to jail for illegal carrying of a firearm. These teenagers spotted Beth Chapman and decided to target her and that they did. The teenagers and their parents should be the ones getting in trouble. This will be thrown out of court.

    • tking

      Wondering the same thing…why is the gun flashing okay but yelling is enough for a warrant???? It’s okay to drive irresponsibly around children? But using “coarse” language is illegal?

  • Bobby

    I wish someone would yell at Beth about a breast reduction, she looks nasty.

    • Mike

      She doesn’t just look nasty, she is a sick example of a woman. I wish that she and DOG-BREATH would disappear.

  • ted

    They should have shot that fat bitch and left her there to rot

  • TLMurphy

    I believe that Beth and Dog are good people at heart. I too, would have yelled at those teens for driving too fast or too recklessly. I do wish, however, that Beth and Dog would try to change their language….they are role models and should try to encourage young people to act and speak appropriately. I know that foul language is a hard habit to break. I am guilty of it myself. But with our world in the shape it is in, WE need to break the chains that tie us to evilness and our language is indeed one of those chains. I love Beth and Dog. And their kids too. I hope the judge is lenient with Beth and only gives her a sharp reprimand as opposed to “throwing the book” at her. Keep up the good work Bounty Hunters!

  • http://Yahoo LD ODOM

    In the earlier seasons of Dog The Bounty Hunter, I used to watch just to see Beth have a meltdown and yelling names like “Drug Addict” “Ice Head” “Loser” at the perps. It’s classic Beth. Some things change and some things never change. It’s classic Beth Chapman and a major part of her personality and appeal.

    • bone r

      id watch the show just to see her

    • Mike

      Appeal? What appeal? Who is she to call anyone a tramp or a ho? And you say “If you don’t want to be called a tramp and a ho don’t act like one” What the hell do you think Beth looks and acts like? She is QUEEN OF THE SKANKS married to a convicted murderer who takes God’s name and mercy in one breath and speaks the foulest filth in the next. He certainly didn’t serve his time in Mexico but thinks everyone else should. Now whether the law is ridiculous or not, it’s the law, she broke it now she needs to pay. I am so sick of seeing the TRASH of the earth, like LOHAN get away with murder just because of their name and money.

    • Mya Faire


  • Ruth

    Beth is not above the law she needs to realize that she is not untouchable by any police dept , T o me see is a bully , Beth and Dog has a teenage daughter are they going to show their children the same disrespect beth showed the teenagers ,,,,,,,,,,,, because on tv she makes out to all the viewers she is just a softy, maybe I could be wrong but I honestly don’t think so! The warrant they have on her should be served or beth should be woman enough to turn her self in to the police and go to jail until dog bonds her out ,,OH BUT WAIT THERE ARE PEOPLE SHE HASNT ARRESSTED AND ABUSED BY HER TOUGNE THAT GOG WILL TRY AND KEEP HER OUT OF JAIL UNTIL COURT! ITS SO SAD THAT SOME PEOPLE IN LIME MIGHT OF TU CAN GET BY WITH WHAT MOST OF US NORNMAL PEOPLE CAN NOT, JUST SHOWS THAT THEY DO FAVOR PEOPLE OF REALITY TV OR IN HOLLYWOOD SO SAD BUT TRUE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,JUST MY OPINION AND KNOW ONE HAS TO AGREE WITH IT ,,,HAVE A BLESSED DAY

  • David

    That is a horrible law!!! Not to mention, it violates the first amendment! If you don’t like being called a “tramp” and a “ho”, then don’t act like one!! And the person can always walk away. It’s not like this Chapman woman was chasing her around.

    • Mya Faire

      How does speeding make a woman a “tramp” and a “ho”? Speeding involves driving; tramping and ho’ing involve sex. Or have you only had sex in back seats, hence the confusion?

  • Horrible Show

    The show is horrible and taking advantage of people who are having rough times. The reality is that our prisons are full of pretty decent people. The perception of how our courtrooms work and the reality of how they work are two different things. Many innocent people go to prison and many guilty go free. We live in a country of hypocrites though. Everyone is living the perfect life apparently and loves to cast that first stone.

    • bone r

      your solution to an imperfect life????

      • Hmm…

        Oh that is easy…. pray, forgive, show mercy to all people. Harming a person is not going to make things better. In the US, all we want is vengeance and look where it has gotten us . Pray, forgive, and show mercy. After all, when we die, that is what most of will want from God. How can he give it to us, when we don’t give it to others?

      • @bone

        I agree. Do what Christ did. How many people did you see him condemn to prison? How often did he seek vengeance? There are lots of good people in prison. That guy Horrible Show told the truth. People don’t want to admit it though. Then again, most people never set foot in a prison to find out. Our courtrooms are so broken it is not even funny. Why do you think so many people plead guilty — it is virtually impossible to get a fair trial unless you have major money.

  • EJ

    Wait is the dog going to track her down because she blew off court?Ironic!Come on bro !

  • Bettie

    Why wasn’t the person who flashed a gun at her arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon? Yelling at someone does not warrant a gun being pointed at you. Why wasn’t the teen given a ticket for speeding or arrested for driving to endanger.?

    • xcxvxv

      Don’t quit your day job to go into the legal profession.

    • Big Irish

      You can’t assault someone with a a deadly weapon by displaying it Perry Mason. And unless the police witnessed the alleged speeding they can’t issue a ticket, and what is the standard for driving to endanger? Beth’s word? Good luck with that.

    • Mike

      I don’t know, if that troll was yelling at me I would feel threatened enough to pull a gun.

    • Mike

      The teen was threatened and apparently protecting themselves against that hag

    • Mya Faire

      Perhaps the teens DID feel their lives were in danger. After all, that’s one huge, foul woman. I’m sure she made a frightening spectacle cussing and screaming at the kids. And, of course, its husband was on back-up. Quick, where’s my gun?!

  • S. Layne

    Since when is it illegal to yell at someone?

    • Mike

      Yelling obscenities has been illegal for a long long time. Are you joking? It’s called Disorderly Conduct.

    • Tony

      Well in Colorado you can kill someone, you just can’t yell at them before you do it. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!

  • http://yahoo tracey

    I think beth needs to keep her personal opinions to herself. try and act like a professional she is always putting people down about how they live wake up you are dealing with criminals what do you expect time she was held accountable

  • joseph branner

    as i read these comments, i come to the sad conclusion that most are clueless. beth destroyed dogs family. she is nothing but a money grubbing tv hungry glory hound. she cares nothing for anything outside her own sphere. dogs kids are alienated, shut out by a true peice of trash. was a good show till she took over. nothing but an ex-con with delusions of granduer.

    • me


    • Tony

      Joseph Branner- “most people are clueless”? Man I’m not clueless. First off, I wouldn’t watch those people nor have I ever. Second of all, those type shows are developed exactly for those of us who are clueless, under-developed and not interested in anything but watching poorly scripted trash on television. It shows how low, we as a nation have come to “need” sleazy and cheap entertainment.

    • candace

      I agree. Beth is nothing but a money hungry VIPE ! But so is Dog. It seems they think they are above the Laws. They dress up like they are going to the Oscars and then send their son to do the running. She wears high heels and he dresses up with a shirt open down to his Ass. Must have the same hairdresser too. Dog needs to grow up and get a haircut and lose the mullet. How is it legal to go on to private property and bash at a persons door? They think they are better than the police. They are no more than the ones they arrest. Beth with her nasty mouth calling women Bitch all the time. then they pray? Right. What a shame to have this show on television. Lets not forget of how he committed felony too but got away with it. Cannot say much about the breast thing but she has enough money to get a breast reduction. There is no bra size for those things. I really doubt Beths side of the whole story. She calls a teen dirty names? Beth has shown her true side many times and she would be the one to instigate the entire trouble. Protecting children my Ass. they took off when they knew the police were called, so why not have stayed and face the truth. Of course she will not even get in any trouble at all of it. It goes to show who these people really are and they should not be on television. I am sure they have saved enough money to live a wealthy life style forever! On the backs of poor and desperate.!!! Bounty Hunters should be outlawed and so should citizen arrest which they must use. Let the Police do their jobs. Reality television needs to go ! Enough already ! Most of it is Faked ! Especially Dog and his sidekick.

  • Alex

    Whenever she appears in court in something tight and low-cut and flashes those humongous puppies at the judge, she will be a free woman

    • bone r

      couldnt agree more

      she has one he lllll a body

    • Tony

      Alex-Humongous puppies??!! That is a whole team of sled dogs man!

    • Mya Faire

      As a woman, I have to ask: Do men REALLY find her attractive because of the size of her tits? I think she looks horrible. I can just imagine her braless, tits dragging on the floor. *shudder*

  • me

    Can’t stand stand her and her self-righteous big mouth….and put some clothes on that body…my gawd.

    • Tony

      me- Let me tell you something friend. I have a source close to that family who says that she gets all her clothes custom made by Omar The Tent Maker!

  • Renaldo Himmelbeiber IV

    So,BRANDISHING a firearm is NOT a crime in Colorado? Im of the opinion that you might want to check into that one.
    Love your slant. Journalism is dead.
    Only in liberal America would yelling at someone be a crime and whipping out a gun at an unpopular figure be excused.
    Well reported. Hah!

    • xcxvxv

      No, “brandishing” a gun is not illegal if you feel you are in danger, that’s kind of the whole point in carrying. If you read the story, that’s what ended the confrontation, non-violently I might add.

      • Tony

        xcxvxv- Now tell me what gives you the idea their lives were threatened? That is the very impetuous that would cause someone to be shot by the firearm owner and then just develop an allaby that they thought they were in danger. You don’t go round pulling guns on people, that is a damned good way to get yourself shot if you pull it on that one wrong person.

      • chad

        Man you guys on here make me laugh and continue to say all these horrible things about each other and beth and dog yet are casting your stones at them for trying to protect there family and you guys say being yelled at is terrifying enough to brandish a gun if that’s the case there would be weapons brandished everyday allday at everyone and for you guys to say there picking on people that are only having hard times do all people that are having hard times go smoke ice and break the law and at least they try and school these people to try and change there lives around yes they may use some tactics that are controversial but have they ever been violent above what was necessary no look at the cops today forcing a man that looked like he was clinching his butt to undergo 4 or 5 medical procedures into his anal cavity all to find nothing and all against his will then billed him for it and you guys all say you don’t waste your time watching dog but you all know quite a bit about there show and how they carry themselves anyone going after criminals has to intimidate or else they would be ran over by the criminals they are after and dogs conviction could happen to anyone say you and a friend went to a gas station you sat outside and your friend got into a fight inside that escalated to an accidental death or murder does that mean you should go down for there crime no he had no knowledge of what was going to happen inside and for the people saying criminals should just be judged by god are crazy so lets put no one in prison and allow murderers and rapists go free and let god judge them if u don’t wanna do the time don’t do the crime yes some people in jail or prison may be innocent but for the most part people in prison deserve to be there

  • Dave

    It’s funny how her and Dog call themselves good christians, yet judge everyone, and yell obscenities at them, call them every foul name in the book etc…
    They are both a couple of Hypocrite ex Felons that TV has made into bigger monsters than they already were.

  • lock

    i watch dog and beth m/f just love these guys u stand your ground bethie

    • Tony

      lock ‘ole bethie does take up an awful lot of real estate though. She stands her ground, half of Denver will be dark 6 months a year bud.

  • billy harrison

    i always thaought that mouth would be her downfall. just wait until gary boy ends up in jail. then we will see what kind of mother she is. and dog deserves whatever he gets from her. these people make me sick.

  • Grammatweet

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dog and Beth, and I can say that they are the most wonderful caring people! They took time to speak and pray with my daughter who is a HUGE fan of theirs and suffers from drug addiction. Because of them she’s in treatment and they stay in touch with her to see how she’s doing. I used to think Beth was a big woman, but in reality, she’s petite and beautiful. Her breasts are not that big either. Teenagers now days need to be yelled at sometimes. They think they are above the law and are cocky little sh@*%. I yell at people who drive fast past my house too. I have little grandkids who are playing outside and I’m protective of my family like Beth.

    • Tony

      Grammatweet- Kids these days are above the law. Look at how many families are broken up by phony sex abuse claims and child abuse claims made by a little twerp and someone goes to jail for years until the truth comes out or they recant statements in court or are caught lying. I mean kids can get away with murder and they do, many times. Everybody yells when a person is allegedly accused of some horrible incident involving a child but notice the media never reports when the child or should I say, little adult, turns out to be a fraud and the accused is released. Yet people scream bloody murder for more laws just to protect the little brats. If your daughter or granddaughter is a big fan of theirs, please take her for some counseling or change your television provider. Honey those people are bigger fakes than the jerks in Congress. This Chapman llady is NOT a nice person.

      • Mya Faire

        Do you have any statistics on “false” vs. “legitimate” child claims of sexual abuse? Or do you consider child abuse to be “legitimate” abuse…like “legitimate” rape?

  • Carmen

    What’s amazing to me is that they’re always talking about they’re Christians. She has the mouth of a drunk crackhead streetwalker. But, then I think if you have to make the announcement that you’re of the Christian faith. Then it’s a sham. She calls people out of their names all the time on the show, sluts, bitch, tramp and vulgar profanity. Her husband is a redneck racist as he’s proven. That was exposed by one of his kids. Her family is just trashy. I feel sorry for their kids. They will never have any friends. My thing is they were dropped by one network to be picked up by another network a few years later. Why do we keep televising this fuckery of a mess. Fame and fortune doesn’t make you less trashy. They’re Hawaiian trash.

    • Mike

      Don’t call them Hawaiian please, they were not born and raised there they went there because it was the only place they could pull their crap. Not to mention they are not Polynesian at all.

    • Tony

      Carmen I think the charges against this woman based on what is written in the article is ridiculous and the girl’s b/f brandishes a pistol, I’m sure in a semi-threatening manner and nothing happens to him? However I ama in 100% total agreement with the rest of your post. These trailer trash folks like the Kartrashians and Wives of New York or whatever they are called are bimbos without brains and get paid for it.

    • candace

      I agree. She calls women Bitch and looks as though she is going out o dinner on the show DOg is right, he is a Dog. He unbotttons his shirt down to his belly to show off. THey cannot run after anyone because she is in high heels and he in fancy boots. He commits a crime and gets away with it and now she with her scuzzy self and foul mouth goes after a teen. What a pair ? They forced their daughter to be on the show when she cried and did not want to be. Wha tkind of guns are they all carrying on the show. Paint guns? They pretend they are above the Law when truth is, they are no more than anyone else and get rich off the backs of the poor and desperate. They act as though they can do anything to anyone. Offer a cigarette to everyone they bust in on. Christians my ass ! Lets not forget the tapes of Dog on the phone where he called a black a N…..! and more! How many more family members will join the show ? She pretends to be innocent but she is guilty of more than those they go after.

  • Joe

    We need to start putting out of work actors on TV and cancel all of this reality crap.

  • cat woman123

    the both of them should be taken off the air. she thinks her sh-t doesn’t stink and same with him. they both are gross looking.she needs to put on come clothes to cover that big ass, ulgy breasts,big fat legs. they both need a makeover. he thinks hes real cute with that bleached blond long hair.why did one network drop them and another pick them up? to don’t watch stuiped shows

    • joe

      the kids haves buck teeth like dog he is one ugly dog if he went to a dog show i bet dog will win first prize

  • Kiss My Ass

    Why don’t all you pissing and moaning Obama-ite losers just keep on abusing the shitty liberal system with your EBT cards, phony disabilities, transgender garbage, amnesty ,oblowmecare and the rest of that sort of crap. We badly need more restrictive laws to fine us when we cuss, fart, smoke, drink, cell phone, give you dipshits the finger, laugh at fat walmart electric cart tards until everthing we do results in a fine , court litigation, lack of freedom ect…..STFU Anooses.

    • Tony

      Hey “Kiss My Ass” why don’t you use your post name and do it!

    • Mya Faire

      Ha ha ha. I almost thought you were serious, as opposed to trolling, until you proposed punishment for farting. Ha ha ha, you’re so funny. It’s hard to believe there are actually people out there who think that way. I have suggestion for future humorous postings: Stick to the topic and don’t drone on, trying to cover every ridiculous neo-con philosophy. The best jokes unexpectedly smack you in the face, and are gone before you realized what hit you. Thanks for the laughs, though!

    • L. Crabtree

      I like your posts mr. Kiss my ass,keep up the good work,even though Ms. Chapman has big boobs,she is doing a BETTER job than FAG BOY OBAMA!!!!

  • Tony

    Issued an arrest warrant for verbal harassment of a teen who’s boyfriend brandished a pistol. You have got to be kidding me! What next, arrest warrants for looking at someone the wrong way? Wearing blue clothes on Sunday? I mean look these Chapmans give me the willies, I admit. All that hokey, praise the Lord stuff before that served papers or hunted down a con was all B/S. But this law is absurd. I came from a town that still had a law on the books that was written in 1887 that stated Person or persons may not leave a horse and of carriage in front of the courthouse any less than 50 feet. America the wacky for your weirdo ways of grain…….

    • Mya Faire

      According to the article, the teen drew his gun AFTER the foul-mouthed Chapman verbally assaulted his friend. If that hysterical witch went off on me, and if I had a gun, I’d probably have pulled it out too.

  • Seabee

    What these two do is for there own benefit and they are being Judged buy what the say and do but and I have went to the Movies a seen Despicable words and actions.
    To think anything they do is less or more then that is absurd on our part. Its a TV Show just like the rest and it sales adds makes money and brings those who watch to a frenzy over what is going on in other, so don’t concern yourself with the antics of the Dog and Pony Hunters they are raking in the money and we are trying to pay our rent and car payment.
    People you want a true free country but that’s not going to happen so deal with it DON”T WATCH THESE KIND OF SHOWS !!!!!!!.
    I am going to try to live my life the best I can and show my kids how it should be but when they are grown and own there Big Screen will they hear my words or dump me along the roadside and go watch Reality TV anyway OMG with my head in both hands I plead spare me from this fate.
    Now go and be good little boys and girls play fair treat others as you want to be treated.

  • candace

    well now maybe some Bounty Hunter should go after her ! Go onto their private property and bash at the door and surround their house.! They think they are SWAT and above the Law. If Beth was innocent ,they would have stayed to face the police. She didn’t even appear in court to face the charges. SO, are they any better than those they have arrested? NO! They are worse. Dog too committed a felony more than once and got out of it when he went into Mexico to Hunt and take a man into the USA. They feel above others and their arrogance is sickening. THey forced their daughter to be a part of the show , when she cried not to be , Dog said to her” You need to help put food on the table”. On the show! Beth calls dirty names to women and then they act like they Pray for everyone. Maybe a cigarette will help. How many times are these people going to get away with shit and still have their television spot. They are a JOKE! Getting rich on the backs of people no doubt better than they are ! I would like to know what kind of guns they are using on the show.? What are the gun laws in Colorado? Well they look like they are dressed to go to a Dance and cannot run after anyone let alone climb the stairs so they use their son to do all the running.lol Maybe she could take off the high heels and his fansy ass cowboy boots. The bleached shit has to go. He looks like he is in the 80’s with a mullet and long hair. Trying to be an Indian warrior. She must like her huge boobs cause they sure have more than enough money for her to get a breast reduction. Beth is a liar, but wont get more than a little ten dollar fine if that! Wish some real Bounty Hunters would go and do to them what they have done to others just to get RICH. Christians my Ass. THey Pray alright, after they capture someone only to thank God for the reward of their deceit and arrogant pride. Maybe they don’t even know what the public really thinks of them.

  • Amy

    What Beth did wasn’t right, but since the girl wasn’t in a life threading stituation the person with her shouldn’t have brought out a weapon! Cuz if he would have shot and killed her he would be going to jail for MURDER and it would not be SELF DEFENSE! Just because someone is yelling at you doesn’t mean that you can throw around a weapon because you feel like it! You have to have a reason!!!!!!

  • Brett

    If Beth was really in the right,then why did she leave before the police got there?
    She confronts somebody in a threatening manner and then calls law enforcement when she’s the one who started it.
    She is showing what a coward she is by leaving before cops show up.

  • Seriously?

    OMG…..For the first time ever I am learning who this woman is. I have been watching Dog and Beth and I will say this. I have never seen such an arrogant woman so full of herself. She is mean mean mean with 0 ounce of empathy. I am so glad I never met her, it would be hard to refrain myself from wanting to hit her. Although she is very irking and disgusting to look at (I don’t know what is bigger, her mouth or her stomach), I do like her on the show ‘cuz I love to hate on her.