Best Pizza Recipes To Make At Home


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Who doesn't love pizza? Everyone has their favorite pizza restaurant or their number one delivery option, but how often do you make your own pizzas at home?

Making your own pizza gives you more control over the ingredients and toppings and can even be fun.

Just because you are making your own pizza doesn't mean you can't be creative. Here are some fun pizza recipes that are great to make at home.

Taco Pizza
Taco pizza is a great way to combine two tasty foods, tacos and pizza. Of course, you can choose whatever toppings you want to add to your taco pizza, but the most common include onions, beef or chicken cooked with taco seasoning, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. You can add a traditional tomato based sauce, salsa, taco sauce or skip the sauce all together. The best thing about taco pizza is that it contains healthy and yummy ingredients.

Macaroni And Cheese Pizza
If you love pizza but are also looking to try something new, why not combine a popular pasta dish with the pizza you also love. Simply cook macaroni and cheese and use it as a topping for your pizza. You can used boxed or frozen macaroni and cheese or make your favorite recipe from scratch. You can make the pizza without a sauce, use your favorite pizza sauce recipe or get creative and come up with a new sauce. Kids will love this recipe, but it's also the perfect comfort food for adults.

Hawaiian Pizza
Hawaiian pizza is a popular choice among pizza lovers because it is both savory and sweet. It is also an easy recipe and can be tweaked to fit your tastes. Simply add cooked bacon, ham and/or chicken to your favorite pizza crust and add pineapple and barbeque sauce. If you are in a hurry you can used canned or bottled ingredients or make your own barbecue sauce. Add your favorite cheese and you have a perfect pizza.

Try one of these great pizza recipes for yourself and decide if you had more fun making the pizza or eating it.