Bert and Ernie Gay Marriage? PBS Says No, They’re Puppets

Online petition continues to cause controversy

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Bert and Ernie Gay Marriage? PBS Says No, They’re Puppets
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Who would have believed this? Apparently, suggesting that characters from America’s favorite children’s show should form a homosexual union sparks a lively debate. Go figure.

Yesterday, an online petition emerged on popular petition site Change.org. The petition ask supporters to sign in hopes that their voices could inspire the first on-air gay puppet marriage. “Let Bert & Ernie Get Married on Sesame Street” sent the internet into a frenzy yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be dying down at all.

We told you about the petition yesterday, and in that article we discussed the various motivators behind such a petition. Of course, the rumor of Bert & Ernie as a gay couple has been around for decades. Two men living together for years with no spouses, sharing a room together? Best friends or lovers – you decide.

The people behind the petition said that the marriage would do wonders to educated America’s children about tolerance and to show LGBT kids that “they are beautiful and their lives are worth living.”

Comments that we received fell all over the spectrum. Some asked whether or not children that young understand sexuality and gender preference. Others said that it was the parents’ job to teach tolerance. One commenter suggested that Sesame Street simply needs to give the two their own rooms to quell the rumor.

In the wake of all of the public comment about the petition, Sesame Workshop, the non-profit behind Sesame Street, issued a statement on their Facebook page. Sesame Workshop has issued statements on this issue before, saying that Bert & Ernie are puppets, not humans, and sexual orientation shouldn’t come into the discussion.

Seasame Street’s Twitter account linked to the Facebook statement –

Here’s @SesameWorkshop‘s statement on the Bert and Ernie petitions http://t.co/edlk2L8 3 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Here’s the official statement –

Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.

Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets™ do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.

Pretty much echoes all previous statements. It’s important to note, I guess, that saying they have “no sexual orientation” still isn’t the same as saying they are heterosexual.

Bert & Ernie is a trending topic on Twitter. Check out some reaction –

PBS says Bert & Ernie are puppets, don’t have a sexual orientation. I’ll accept. Grounds? Prospect of sexual Big Bird is terrifying. 41 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

If Bert & Ernie want to live as domestic partners in a super fab rent controlled studio together on Sesame Street who are we to judge? 12 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Sesame Street issued statement that Bert & Ernie are not gay, but that even their young viewers know Marcus Bachmann is. 1 minute ago via web · powered by @socialditto

still mad that there’s a petition for Bert & Ernie to get married. IT’S A KIDS SHOW dammit. Leave Sesame Street alone. 3 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

At the time of my article yesterday the petition had about 1,500 signatures. As of right now it has about 5,500.

What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments.

Bert and Ernie Gay Marriage? PBS Says No, They’re Puppets
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  • Alex

    Well beyond that why must all guy/guy, or girl/girl friendships be homosexual?

    I feel for the young boys at school who will be mocked in an already dog-eat-dog competitive atmosphere just for being kind or understanding to another boy they are friends with. Why discriminate against straight people, that’s not any better. Why does there need to be any new character development anyway. They are already two different races! Yellow, and Orange! They already teach acceptance of differences.

  • Randomly Purple

    How DARE them try to turn a children’s show into something homosexual! This is an outrage and MUST be stopped. It will never happen. Go fight your homosexual battles somewhere else and leave Bert and Ernie alone!

    • joy

      love ur comment

      • Freda

        I agree!!!

  • fortuna

    But I’ll bet if a female muppet and a male muppet were getting hitched on sesame street they’d be jesssssss fine with that of course!! Getting married is a human right in which ANY and EVERY human being should have the right to engage in!!! Please sign this petition and let’s begin showing our young community that SSM is nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Freda

      Ssm is a decision that to adults make by choice. Its an adult decision, so why introduce out to our children. It’s just like if an adult decides to smoke, gamble, have more then one sexual partner or whatever, they don’t say let’s teach this to our children. Just imagine if everyone (especially our children) decide to live life your way, the world will eventually end. Why because two men or two women can’t procreate. Do tell me how will our world continue with Same Sex Marriages? It can’t……ssm it not the will of God. I dont hate the same sex couples but I do hate their decision because it try to change the order of God. Just like murders, liars, those that dishonor their parents, it’s all sin. Thanks for reading and I declare God the Father bless you by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name:)

    • amanda


    • Beamer

      Nothing to be ashamed of? That’s why homosexuals were in the closet, and some still are. Innately you know it is wrong and un-natural.

      They love to say they are hated when the real truth is they hate themselves and project that hate onto others to justify your decision to be in error.

      We will not be signing your petition as we do not wish to burn for eternity. We choose Life Everlasting in the Kingdom of God.

      Think you won’t burn? Bible Prophesy has been and always will be 100% spot on. Make no mistake about it.

  • Suzzan nelson

    For goodness sake its a kids show Small kids they are puppets why would some idiot even start something like this????

  • joy

    this is so wrong. NO THEY SHOULDN’T GET MARRIED! Puppets or not kids don’t have to be subjected at an earlier age to their sexuality. they are too young to know bout this kinda stuff. homosexuality is wrong in the bible and theres no sugar coating with that. then people get mad when kids start haveing sex at an early age. this aint nothing more than lgbt propaganda packaged nice for little kids.

  • Jehu

    Sesame Street seems to encourage virtue and morality. As far as I know, no puppet on Sesame Street is married. We are in an all-out battle against satan for the hearts and minds of our children. To be clear, I don’t commit not to hate anyone, for hatred is murder – a sin. However, I hate hatred and any other sin, including sodomy and sexual perversion, and I just cannot be silent and docile when people push any sin as permissible and acceptable to children. …, then California schools, …, now this. This is pure evil!

  • jay

    This is pure foolishness, straight foolishness: sodomite puppets? People wake up, can’t you see this spirit/demon of homosexuality wants more than rights – it want to conform everything to itself [even kids].

    Teach children acts like kissing the same sex on the mouth, oral & anal sex is natural as a married man & woman having sex? No way, never has and never will.

    Homosexuality/Sodomy is not a lifestyle, its an anti-christ spirit that changes you from what God created you to be and become the opposite. Come to Jesus and repent if you haven’t.

    • amanda


      • jay

        I praise God for your salvation & stand on Truth Amanda. I feel the same – no looking back! I pray others who haven’t, will & those who have remain being made whole. Grace and peace from God to you

  • JD

    This is so disturbing but how could we not see it coming. Satan is obviously getting desperate. He’s not even hiding his plans anymore. There being executed out in the open for the world to see! In a way, this is good news! Satan getting desperate will hopefully mean he starts getting stupid. I see an upper hand coming for end time revival. Jesus be glorified in all things!

    • Kim


  • Sir Izukizur Fortesque

    these gays and homosexuals want the entire world to be about them. you all (homosexuals) are so not happy with your lives that you have make others unhappy too. There are heterosexuals aka normal people living in this world as well. to be factual more than 90% of the world is. do not try to mess up parents and their upbringing of their children. most of you made the “decision”to be a homosexual as a teenager or adult. DO NOT brainwash the minds of children with your filthy disease.

  • Mary

    This goes to show how nasty these minds are.

  • Vox Saltus

    I personally think that this would be a wonderful thing to expose children to at an early age. There are many individuals who are bullied because they are gay or lesbian and there is no need for it. Also I don’t see why being gay or lesbian is a sinful act, they can not help it for it is who they are. In the olden days, children with disabilities were killed because people thought that they were a work of Satan, who according to the bible, is locked in an inescapable prison known as hell and is being tortured for all eternity. There is no reason to discriminate gays and lesbians, you are just blinded by ignorance and fear.

    • Jim

      Satan is not locked away in hell. We look for the coming of Jesus Christ for that to happen. In the book of Job, Satan himself says he walks on the face of earth. The bible calls him the god of this world. We have to draw the line somewhere with this! If we introduce sam sex marriage in a CHILDRENS show, why stop there? Teach them that Child ponography is ok. America is a perverted country and our children are suffering the consequences because of it.

      • Vox Saltus

        Child Pornography is completely different then same sex marriage. Child Pornography is child abuse, same sex marriage is showing the person you care about that you love them unconditionally, even though they are the same gender.

        • Jim

          Well ill be happy to tell you my God rebukes same-sex marraige AND child porn (Plus porn in general)! The school system In CA is already teaching children about gays,lesbians, bisexual and transgenders contributions to society. We really do not need to provoke Gods anger any more.

          • Vox Saltus

            Let “God” be angry, I do not care if your imaginary friend is upset with me, tell him to smite me for all I care.

          • Beamer

            If I were a parent whose children are being indoctrinated to sexual perversion by the schools, I would pull them out immediately and begin homeschooling.

            You can’t teach children about homosexuality without telling them what sex is. This is wholly inappropriate for young children.

        • jessica

          How is child pornography different, its all sexual behavior/sexual desire, homosexuality is the ACT of having SEX with the same gender and being sexually attracted to the same gender.Its a sexual behavior, not a genetic makeup or race or species or so called culture…If we talk about homosexuality(same gender HAVING SEX) in front of children we might as well as show them sexual positions, beastality and whatever other sexual behavior is out there…let children be children, they should not be introduced to crap like this at such early ages. Keep the homosexuality in your private bedrooms, and off of cartoons…

          • Vox Saltus

            “How is child pornography different, its all sexual behavior/sexual desire, heterosexuality is the ACT of having SEX with the opposite gender and being sexually attracted to the opposite gender.Its a sexual behavior, not a genetic makeup or race or species or so called culture…If we talk about heterosexuality(opposite gender HAVING SEX) in front of children we might as well as show them sexual positions, beastality and whatever other sexual behavior is out there…let children be children, they should not be introduced to crap like this at such early ages. Keep the heterosexuality in your private bedrooms, and off of cartoons…”

            You’re saying this as well.

    • amanda


      • G Andre Williams

        Praise GOD for you Sister and may the LORD give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of His truth, may you be conscious that the LORD is your shepherd. May of always believe in the forgiveness of sins JESUS offers to us all.

        • G Andre Williams

          I meant to say @ the last part, may you always believe in the forgiveness of sins of us all.

    • Beamer

      First off, you really need to back up your false claims. Secondly, people who killed their children with disabilities were not Christians. They were pagan religions that had nothing to do with Christ. God specifically speaks of them in His Word and tells us to not pick up their ways. You can read all about it in the book of Jeremiah and elsewhere in God’s Word, the Bible.

      Your arguments are weak, deceptive and desperate.

      • Beamer

        that was to Vox Saltus

  • kim

    Hold on! I get REALLY aggrevated when sodomites try to make God’s Word say something it doesn’t! “The Bible tells people to kill disabled children” – WHERE? Give me scripture and verse! Don’t heap MORE judgement on yourself by lying on MY God! This perverted lifestyle is NOT natural – when was the last time you saw sodomite birds? Squirrels? Dogs? Monkeys? Animals have more sense than us! NOW you want to pervert a PUPPET to teach children to enjoy PERVERSION or as GOD calls it – an abomination Leviticus 18:18. I can quote mine – can u?

    • Vox Saltus

      I did not say the bible said to kill disabled children, I said that people in the olden days believed that disabled children where controlled by demons, Christians killed them thinking it was the right thing to do. For some reason you have this strange, twisted idea that homosexuals are abominations. If it was up to the church they would probably be executed or exiled. Do you think that you have the right to rid the world of a group because a paper book tells you to? You are a horrible, twisted creature.

      • jessica

        First of all, everybody that claims they are Christians may not technically be a true disciple if Christ, the term Christian is used very loosley these days..so the “christians” your talking about, who killed disabled children were not true disciples of Jesus Christ,were in error due to not reading the Word as needed, and maybe was in a cult, because a true follower of the Gospel would have known that you dont rid people of demons through physical pain or murder but by spiritual warfare, and plainly God says not to murder, Chrisitians are to model themselves after Jesus(show me in the bible where he murdered people or told people to kill people bc of demons)…and yes in the bible it does say homosexuality is an abomination, and no if it was up to the church, the real church, we would not murder, but we would pray steadfastly,teach the Gospel without compromise and love the person but hate the sin, as God has instructed us to do..life and death is not in our hands, but Gods, the bible is inspired by God and contains direct quotes of Jesus, and the holy sprirt/Gods guidance is needed to fully grasp revelation of the Bible..Thank you, stop sterotyping and do your research

        • jessica

          ment disciple OF Christ

    • amanda


  • Tiffany

    This is so ridiculous. But this just means that The Lord Jesus is one day closer to His Mighty Return, to settle this mess down here once and for all.

    • amanda

      Very true the closer it becomes to our Lord Jesus Christ return the more stupid the views of the lost and confused become. We as Christians are to stop all the drama. Homosexuality is Wrong it clearly states in the Bible that those who are will go to Hello why send innocent children there early in life. This world is truly becoming sadder.

  • Shamer

    The perversion of children show reach new low. When children reach the right age they need to know the truth–that GOD created a man and a woman to be together and wait until marriage to have sex. All unnatural relationships are wrong according to God.

    It is funny how people are so quick to say “who are we to judge” is not the case. Any time people speak God’s Truth we are judging.

    People PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! We are living in the last days.

  • wow

    man, this topic really brought out the Christ-y batsh1t crazies.

    • G Andre Williams

      @ wow read Romans chp 1 if you must know why the Christ-ian are out. @Jahu nobody love what cancer can do to their loveones, but we love our loveones. Just like we want to seperate the man/woman from these sexual perversions. @Morgan Christ offers forgiveness for you and the entire world, only believe and you to will see the salvation of our God. Remember He is as close as the mention of His name(JESUS)especially when you are @ your most dire.



  • Morgan

    It is so sad to see so many people who are lost and following such a communistic and false religion to justify their hatred towards others. If sexual orientation were a choice, I would think that many would simply “choose” to be heterosexual, rather than deal with being so vehemently hated on. Oh, and if some of y’all did any research at all, you would know that humans are not the only species of animal that mates with the same sex. Get over it, it’s not that serious.

    • Jehu

      Sexual orientation is a choice. And, contrary to secular/humanist/Darwinian theories, humans are not animals and did not come from animals. Animals squat and crap where they want, too. Should humans choose to follow suit? Humans are the dominant living creatures and are held to much higher standards than animals. Also, don’t confuse Christ lovers and followers with communists. Communists hate Christ and believe he is a mere “opiate.” Finally, my visceral hatred and war is not “towards others” but against sodomy, perversion, and the mad push of those on children.

      • jessica


      • Vox Saltus

        Where did humans come from, god? Stop believing those fairy tails.

        • Jim

          Then humans came from evolution? That’s the biggest fairy tell yet.



  • Jim

    I guarantee if you never knew what a homosexual was and saw two grown men kiss lips for the first time, you would think, even for a split second, something wasn’t right. But since pop culture,famous television shows, famous musicians,songs,states,movies,school systems, politicians, worldly pastors and EVEN the president promote homosexuality so much, its now normal to you.

    • Luca

      Could not have said it better!!

  • jessica

    Just like Grandma use to say: Give a dog a inch, and he wants a foot, give him that then he wants a mile…the flesh is never pleased…homosexuals fight for so called “marriage”(which really cant be called marriage because God created marriage specifically b/t men and women and two same sex cant become one flesh spiritually, so ill call it “legal union”) so now they want the childrens innocence and the whole world to be gay, gay schools are just around the corner. What people dont seem to understand is homosexuality is a sexual behavior/sexual desire, not a culture, race or species…Just like pedophiles who sexually desire children or people who sexually desire animals, or even men and women who sexually desire each other, the only difference is that the first three are perversion and unnatural, the point im trying to make is sexual behaviors should not be a topic for children, but people need to keep it in their bedrooms..lets focus on trying to get more science/math and common sense taught on cartoons than sexual immortality and perversion.They need to stop treating homosexuality like its a new species or race its not, its some perverted human lust, they dont want to teach pregnancy prevention and HIV testing to young kids, but want to talk about men having anal/oral sex with each other and women licking on each other AKA “sexual behavior” plain and simple thats all homosexuality is, is having sex/desire with the same gender, my kids dont need to learn that…

    • Vox Saltus

      That is what heterosexuality is about then as well. Do gay couples hurt you, do they hurt your family? No? Then why do you care. You should just vote “yes” and let them get married. It’s not a choice, it is who they are and nothing can change that, just because they are gay does not make them any less of a human.

      • G Andre Williams

        You are lying when you say “it is who they are and nothing can change that”. Obviously you don’t believe in the forgiveness of Sin offered by Christ Jesus on the cross. Homosexuality is an abomonation. An abomonation is the type of sin mankind do that requires the aid of alien spirits. Only Jesus introduced us to the posibility of deliverance in His name. They were kill(cut off) from their community before Jesus because it was as cancer is to the body, so was homosexuality, witchcraft, divination, and other abomonation to the community. Today we don’t have to stone or kill anyone because we can seperate the spirit from the person in Jesus name.

  • Annie

    This is foolishness!! Even so, come Lord Jesus!! Homosexuality destroys families. Two men, two women cannot reproduce. They do not reflect the God that made them. This lifestyle is perversion. Imagine a community of only homosexuals – how long before this community would vanish without men and women reproducing after their own kind.

    • Beamer

      Within 100 years they would die out. Life expectancy is …what…70-80 years?

      I believe this is why they want to indoctrinate the children. Since gays can’t procreate among themselves, what better way to keep their lifestyle choice going than to teach this perversion to the children.

      Homosexuality is not conducive to life no matter how they try to spin it. It only leads to death and the end of the bloodline.

      I’ve commented before about my cousin who is gay and of course has no children. When he departs this life, his blood line ends and his branch of the family tree becomes extinct.

      The whole controversy is as foolish as foolish gets. To assign a sexual preference to an object made of cloth is preposterous and insane.

  • http://bcvision@shaw.ca outragged

    To be politicaly correct We are expected to embrace sexual orientation.
    what a bunch of crap, pedifiles and beastiality are also a wierd form of sexual preference should they be accepted?
    I don’t think homo sexuals should be condemed as they are a gernic freak of nature.
    What they choose to do inside his or her own home is not any ones business but don’t try to influence the rest of society with a pervace lifestyle

  • kasey

    never liked that show…

  • http://www.thingsifear.com Jeremy

    I’ve never seen so many trolls in one comment section.

    • http://www.thingsifear.com Jeremy

      Gay is fine, straight is fine. get over it. I seriously don’t care anymore.

  • http://ShutUpLittleMan.net Shut Up Little Man

    Do they really need a wedding?! They already act like an old married couple: http://bit.ly/qwIJYQ. A wedding won’t change nothing!

  • Leah

    First Cookie Monster is blamed for encouraging obesity in kids then this rubbish. What’s next – terrorist attacks or riots and looting on Sesame Street, ‘cos y’know that’s what happens in the real world, kids. Maybe in future episodes Cookie Monster could turn bulimic and Oscar the Grouch sniff meths (he lives in a rubbish bin after all). Sheeesh.

  • http://www.bullseyelawns.com Dontaye

    This whole ordeal is ridiculously out of control. Please, I know of no gay child 5-8, much less a child that gains their sense of self-worth from watching a couple of gay puppets on the air. Homosexuality is a choice, but the moment we start pushing it down the throats of our pre-teens, its become a true brainwashing. As far as I can see, the homosexual lobbyists don’t really want awareness, they want acceptance that MOST Americans are not willing to give. Since we’re too old to change the way they want us to, they are targeting our kids. Same way McD’s made so many American kids fat, so will homosexual agendas confuse American children. And mind you, I don’t hate homosexuals, I just don’t see how “tolerance” has anything to do with my children. The majority of kids bullied and beat up in school are hetero… soooo…

  • FordAbby

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  • Georgie

    in all the years i have watched sesame street i have never once seen bert and ernie talk in fake feminine voices, walk around with toy dogs eating bran muffins, do any sort of interior decorating to their home or dress in matching leather outfits while singing “in the navy”. are you upset with my stereo typing? well then lets deal with the stereo type that two men cant live together without being gay. i am NOT saying being gay is wrong, some of my best friends are gay/lesbian. but OH MY GOSH would the “politically correct” please bugger off and just leave sesame street alone! your kids are not obese because of the cookie monster, they are obese because you over feed them. your kids are not dirty because oscar lives in the bin. go find something better to do with your time than perverting a much loved childrens show

  • zac

    I think both arguements being seen are ridiculous.

    First off “they’re muppets/puppets they have no sexual orientation”, the problem is the assumption that they would be straight, because straight “is normal”. Also I know its a totally different show about muppets but what about Miss.Piggy and Kermit the Frog?

    Second what the hell, I mean seriously you want to create a big publicity stunt, sign a petition to make them get married, have it blasted all over the internet in shock that they should get married and start a debate about it. Great Idea, I am sure that will certainly help keeps feel better about themselves, seeing the drama caused by 2 muppets getting married. I really think that will just make kids feel worse about themselves.

    I understand the idea of trying to make it more acceptable, and the norm, this is certainly not the way to go about it. I am pretty sure when Will and Grace aired there wasnt a big song and dance about it, let alone the other Gay Cultered shows/movies.

    Maybe they should make a tollerence rule that every show that airs needs a token Gay, Lesbian, Black, Asian, Single Mother, Drug addict etc…. then everyone can be happy there culture is being accepted as normal.!


    Ps. I’m Gay, and struggled through all the stereotype stuff when I was a Kid, and honestly watching shows like will and grace, and the other gay acceptance shows, did help. :)

  • Luca

    Yet another hopeless delusion created in the vulgarly diseased minds of homosexuals around the world. Thinking that homosexuality is both acceptable and natural. If that were true: why not be a pedophile while your at it? I’m sure they think that that is totally acceptable/natural!

    It’s time that those with homosexual tendency actually grow up and have the courage and human decency to fight the tendency and behave like a human being, instead of sub-human!

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