Bengals Punter Fractures Jaw During Sunday’s Game [Video]

By: Tobias Roth - December 16, 2013

In one of the ugliest plays most people have been witness to as sports fans, the Bengals punter was severely injured after being hit during a punt.

The game last night between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers became witness to an awful looking play, in an incident when Kevin Huber suffered a broken jaw and cracked vertebrae.

Kevin Huber, the punter for the Cincinnati Bengals, had his punt blocked, and later in the play was leveled by Terence Garvin of the Steelers, causing him to leave the game.

Garvin’s helment hit Huber in the chin, and while there was no flag thrown during the play, it is likely that a hit such as this one will get him fined.

The injury came late on a 67-yard return of a punt by the Steelers’ Antonio Brown. The play eventually resulted in a touchdown for Brown, and the Steelers went on to win the game with a final score of 30-20.

When he left game, the Bengals’ punter had a bloody face, and due to the seriousness of his injury, he will be immediately placed on Cincinnati IR list. Huber’s jaw was wired shut after the game, and during kicks, he will be replaced by Andy Dalton as the holder.


Upon seeing his teammate down on the ground, kicker Mike Nugent said “Seeing the way he was laying down there you are automatically thinking the worst.” It has become the worst, as the Bengals’ punter will be forced to sit out for the rest of the season, and miss the final two games.

Kevin Huber will be replaced by Nugent as the new Bengals punter. Huber played less than a quarter during their loss, and experienced a painful night on the field, literally. The Bengals were already down 14-0 when Huber attempted the punt that forced him to leave the game.

He remained on the ground for several minutes, and was finally able to walk to the locker room on his own, although he was not in good shape and was very bloody. The veteran Bengals punter had been in the league for five years, and certainly never experienced a hit like that before.

  • Legal Hit

    Just a good legal hit. The tackler’s head hits the chest and the tackler’s shoulders are lower than the punter’s shoulders. The problem is the punter wasn’t looking and is outweighed by 65 pounds.

    Football is not for the faint of heart. It just isn’t. Heck, even Chris Collinsworth — who hates the Steelers and is a former Bengal — said it was a legal hit and that the punter should have been looking.

    Bottom line the Bengals got there ass handed to them and that pisses Bengals fans off. The Bengals aren’t a true contender and haven’t been since the 80s. Pittsburgh and Baltimore have just been too good. If it wasn’t for Pittsburgh literally losing every person on their offensive line this year, the Bengals wouldn’t even be sniffing the playoffs and Pittsburgh just sent them that message.

    Bengals will lose first round.

    • http://webpronews Jeff

      Um,,, the guy making the tackle did not hit the chest with his helmet.. The broken jaw was caused by the helmet hitting the lower part of the punters jaw thus causing the broken jaw and cracked vertebrate…. Sorry was not legal nor fair… Just ruthless and he should be fined. Too many hits on guys who don’t see it coming and their necks are snapped. See the hit Hines Ward caused breaking the jaw of a Cleveland Browns player… Same type of hit on a defenseless guy looking the other way.

      Steelers are on their way out and the Bengals are the NEW KIDS on the BLOCK… Take your terrible towel and wipe the tears from your cheek… Any coach who tries to get in the way of a kick return is a reflection of a sorry a$$ team..

      From a Charges FAN!!!

      • @Jeff

        The point is to hit a person. It isn’t the blockers fault if the person being blocked doesn’t see it coming.

        Bengals? The new kids of the block? They have been saying that for three decades. Still hasn’t happened.

        Being a Chargers fan is not relevant either. They haven’t won since the 70s.

  • Eric M.

    That hit was uncalled for. Clearly, Terence Garvin lowered his helmet
    and hit him with excessive force. The Steelers have always been cheap
    shot artists. This one should result in a suspension and fine.

    • tboyneal

      The game of football is fast, especially in the NFL. Just as referees need slo-mo to get a right (or wrong) call sometimes because of the speed, players are often unable to pull back even if they wanted to, again because of the speed of the game. That was a vicious hit on the punter, but maybe not in terms of the about-to-be-fined player’s intent. He was just making a football play and the punter was too unaware of his surroundings to protect himself. Maybe punters should just trot off of the field after the make their kick.

    • Bill R

      It is football..he is fair game..the game is becoming sissified.It is a game for tough mean men, not faint of heart sissies.

  • LOL

    If that was a legal hit, there will not be a fine issued in the next few days…..

  • Academicjock

    LIttle kids are taught to block with their heads up and looking at the opponent’s numbers. The hit in question was too high as the defender hit the kicker helmet first in the kicker’s jaw (how else did his jaw get broken?).

    However, when you look at the difference in the size (especially height and body position) of the two, I don’t think that this was an intentional hit.

    I certainly hope that the kicker has a low pain and quick recovery … damn that was a violent event.

  • Bill R

    Awesome hit…that is how the game was meant to be played, not this watered down version they are pushing on us .Judging by the amount of thumbs down on Legal hits comment ( which is a excellent comment) the majority of people watching this have more experience in fantasy leagues and zero experience in the real game.Ever since the NFL has been pursuing the women viewer, it has been a inferior league. This and many other things such as rule change favoring the Offense and the reviewing of way to many plays has soured me on the NFL.I refuse to watch it or spend a nickel on any of their products.

  • John

    I’m a Pittsburgh fan. The hit was intentional alright, after all, he was definitely trying to block (hit) him. Did he intentionally try to hurt the guy? Only he knows but my guess is no.. I’ve watched the video over and over. Note how when he goes to deliver the block he lowers his body and tries to get his head not to directly hit the head of the kicker. However, he’s so much bigger he sort of failed at that; but still whether he hit the guys shoulder first and “slipped” up to his head or hit is head first is still a matter of debate in my eyes. Just imagine if he had just smashed his oun head directly into the face of Mr. Huber. I think that would have been worse. And the poor kicker was obviously not completely aware of his surroundings either; not something to do during a football play. Anyway, may the universe bless Mr. Huber and grant him a full and quick recovery.

  • hey wayne

    I think the science of physical conditioning has manufactured some of the most potent WMD’s ever made in the name of sports. Unfortunately, we have not had the same success in building bodies and equipment capable of deflecting or absorbing this much power. We have to find a way quit maiming and crippling our fathers, husbands and sons in such a wanton manner.

  • Oh Please

    Anyone who has ever played football knows that is a legal hit. In fact, it was textbook. Look at the video the helmet goes into the chest region first. When you hit someone, it is not an exact science and people forget — helmets aren’t small. There is always going to be some sort of helmet to helmet contact.

    Those that are biased against Pittsburgh will whine. Also, 95% of the people reading web pro news are a bunch of geeks who never played the game. Anyone who has played the game knows those kind of hits are common. That is how the phrase —- have your head on a swivel got started. By the way, those players are not small. Don’t let TV fool you.

    It is like Peyton Manning. Most think he is some skinny white guy. No, that man is freaking huge. TV sometimes distorts things.