'Bendgate' Proving Bigger Than Apple Cares to Admit?

Josh WolfordTechnology

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When people started complaining about their brand new iPhone 6s bending in their pockets, Apple was quick to play it down. Saying that warping was "extremely rare" through normal use, Apple said that only nine customers had complained about bending iPhones.

Well, here's 300 bent iPhones 6s.

Bendghazi lives – and it's a bit more serious than Apple wants to admit.

That video comes to us from One of the Nine, a website created for the sole purpose of allowing people to upload their bent iPhones.

"We aim to find all 9 of 'em ... and maybe more," says the site.

As of today, they've currently found 327 of the 9.

Some reports indicate that Apple may have quietly strengthened the iPhone 6 Plus in response to Bendgate. Still, it's clear that Bendgate is a bit bigger than "extremely rare through normal use" and nine bent iPhones.

via BGR, Image via One of the Nine (318), Twitter

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