Ben Affleck: $1.50 Challenge To Raise Poverty Awareness

    April 23, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Ben Affleck, who is fresh off an Oscar win for his film “Argo”, is taking the buzz surrounding his name to a good place: raising awareness about poverty and the harsh choices some have to make when it comes to every day living.

Affleck has decided to take the Live Below The Line challenge and live on just $1.50 a day for a week in order to highlight the extremes of living at the extreme poverty line. Many celebrities have joined the cause, and Affleck will be tweeting about his experiences during the week to raise awareness and funds for The Global Poverty Project.

“Last year we had over 15,000 people participate, and raised over $3 million,” Michael Trainer, Director of The Global Poverty Project, said in a statement. “We’re excited to leverage the support The Global Poverty Project has received from the campaign last year, and the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.”

New Jersey mayor Cory Booker took a similar challenge last year when he lived on only food stamps for one week to highlight how difficult it is for families who receive government funds to feed their families on what that assistance provides…especially in New Jersey, where the cost of living is high. The SNAP Challenge was initiated after a woman began a Twitter conversation with Booker regarding food stamps and whether they were really necessary.

Affleck is reportedly due to start his challenge next week along with actress Debi Mazar, singer Josh Groban, and Sophia Bush.

  • David

    1.50 a day huh? How is that possible, when he probably spends 150 dollars a day at least in energy costs for his mansions? How about you donate all your money, all your assets to charity and REALLY feel what it feels like to live on spare change, to have a constantly overdrawn bank account, to try to find the quarters and dimes you need to get to a minimum wage job on the city bus. Then you’ll know what it feels like and you can really “highlight the extremes of living at the extreme poverty line” then. These hypocrites and bastards sicken me. Millions in the bank and they feel like ‘slumming it’ and rubbing the poverty in our faces.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/robert-alan-yeatts-jr/57/b46/b56 Robert Alan Yeatts Jr

    Doesn’t Ben know about adjusting for purchasing power parity?

  • Triple Lindy

    Learn how to dumpster dive grocery stores, fast food resturants, and bakeries. Learn how to fish, and ID edible wild plants. $1.50 per day is easy.