Bell Labs Transfers DVD In 2.3 Milliseconds

    March 5, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Imagine downloading the remake of Casino Royale in the time it takes to blink. One experiment by Bell Labs managed to accomplish some astonishing speeds.

Just don’t wait for your friendly neighborhood ISP to offer comparable speeds anytime soon.

The Royal Pingdom blog said Bell Labs managed a transfer rate of 2.05 terabytes per second. You won’t find the equipment to handle that for sale on the shelves of big-box electronic retailers.

Even more impressively, Bell Labs accomplished the transfer speed over a distance of some 1,584 miles. This is a harbinger of 100Gbps Ethernet, according to Information Week.

Royal Pingdom also noted how Google transfers data retrieved by the Hubble Space Telescope by FedEx rather than through electronic transmission. It would take longer for Google to move 120 terabytes of data over the Internet than shipping it by overnight delivery.

Bell Labs’ experiment would transfer that same amount of data in a minute. Not even FedEx can beat that speed.