Belarus, Youre So Busted

    January 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google believers, your homepage is still free from advertising, at least for now. After every Googlophile in the blogosphere cried foul over Google’s Belarus homepage sporting text ads to the side, Google replied with a simple, “that’s not ours.”

The homepage at is hosted by, according to commenter Brian Mingus on John Battelle’s Searchblog, not Google.The detective work began after the Google PR department responded to inquiries with, “This site ( is not owned, operated or controlled by Google. We are aware of this site and our legal counsel is investigating the matter.” reported that the site was “long ago hijacked by cybersquatters” who replicated Google’s homepage, placed text ads to the side, and Google copyright at the bottom.
Faking some kind of Google connection is happening more and more often.

DM News reports that Google is also looking into a Trojan program that replaces Google AdSense ads with fake ones promoting gambling, adult entertainment, and Viagra.

Most e-criminals though, know how to tiptoe the nether regions where its difficult to pinpoint wrong doing, or that anything abnormal is going on at all. WebProNews recently reported on click-frauders and the software they may be using to make an ill-earned buck.