Being A Google Addict Can Be Good

    November 4, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

“She never mentions the word addiction in certain company,” or so the song goes, but Garett Rogers has learned that sometimes, addiction is good, especially if it’s to a certain company. After maintaining an investigative weblog devoted entirely to all things Google, Garett landed himself a job.

Being A Google Addict Can Be Good
Are You Addicted To Google?

On his blog, “GoogleAddiction,” Rogers kept an obsessive account of what Google was up to. One of his more notable discoveries was Google’s relationship with Data Docket, Inc., a company that hangs on to Google domains (like Google Earth and the rumored Gdrive) to keep people from getting wind of upcoming projects. Whoops.

Garett’s investigative flare has apparently landed him a job with ZDNet writing about his favorite subject-Google.

The good news:
ZDNet has hired me to blog about Google for them! Not only is this a huge step for me personally, it will also be better for the readers. With more exposure we will get more comments, feedback and tips which always keep the content interesting,”
writes Rogers on his final GoogleAddiction post.

Rogers is just the latest example of so-called expert bloggers being picked up or published by larger companies.