Beer Can Trick Shots Are The Best Possible Fate For Old Milwaukee

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Have you been searching the interwebs for a good guys-in-suits-finding-interesting-ways-to-hand-each-other-a-beer videos? Good, me too - and today is our lucky day.

"Hey, Pass Me A Beer" proves that "in Milwaukee, they don't just HAND each other beer." In fact, it's probably not even worth drinking if it doesn't arrive in your hand in some sort of interesting fashion.

This viral video comes to us deeply rooted in the tradition of YouTube trick shot vids. Those started to gain popularity after some guys decided to spend all day trying to make ridiculous basketball shots. Then, some other guys decided to make basketball trick shots - but with a football. There are all kinds of trick shot videos out there, some of the most popular featuring amazing beer pong shots. I guess this was just the logical conclusion.

Before you cry "WASTE!" and give me the "sober kids in India" spiel, let's all be honest here - we're dealing with Old Milwaukee. And what about "American dry lager" doesn't make you think catapult? The point is, I'm not going to pretend I'm too upset about the spilled beer - especially considering the use of trampolines, fishing poles, and the aforementioned catapult as delivery methods.

Check it out below, courtesy Almost Twins, Jack Packard, Nick Packard, and Tim Higgins (originally posted on Funny or Die)

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