Becoming the Next Super Affiliate

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The term “Super Affiliate” has become common online in the last year or so. For those of you wondering what the term refers to, let me give you a common definition:

A super affiliate is a person who has the ability to create a large number of affiliate sales for a vendor website in a short period of time.

For example, my friend Rosalind Gardner is a super affiliate. She produces hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales each year for a variety of online match-making sites.

[By the way, she has agreed to allow my readers to pick her brain about how she does that here: http://www.All-In-One-Business.com/brainpick ]

A super affiliate will typically have a high-traffic site and a large list within a market niche.

The best super affiliates generate commission checks totaling in the tens-of-thousands of dollars each month, often working less than full-time.

So, how can you become the “next” super affiliate?

1. Choose a market niche carefully

A market niche is a group of people with similar interests and desires.

Expectant mothers are a market niche. The overweight and the underweight are both market niches. Yankees fans are a market niche. (So are Red Sox fans, but I try not to talk about that too much.)

You want to pick a market niche with the following characteristics:

(1) Sufficient Size (or growing demand)

(2) Limited Competition

(3) Money to Spend

Ros Gardner put up her Sage-Hearts.com site when internet dating was just beginning. She has been able to ride that growing trend to become an internet millionaire.

I have put up some tools and ideas to help you find your own profitable niche here:


2. Give people in your niche compelling unique reasons to visit your site repeatedly.

In order for you to develop influence within your market niche, you have to be constantly getting people to your site.

Allen Gardiner has a site which is a destination for thousands of people every day:


It is a free site which reviews various affiliate programs and contains articles and a forum on affiliate marketing. While not first in the search engine rankings, his site is likely the most visited site of its kind. And it is one of the best.

If you wish to become a super affiliate you can’t simply become “another” site. You must become dominant and unique.

3. Collect the email addresses of your visitors.

This is the most important key to becoming a super affiliate: Build a huge and responsive list. By grabbing as many email addresses as possible, you then have the opportunity to build your reputation with them over time and create the response you need to be highly profitable.

Following these keys over time you can become the next super affiliate in a given market.

Kevin Bidwell is owner of


Kevin just finished a complete report on building a passive
income. Grab your copy here:


Becoming the Next Super Affiliate
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