Bebo, Microsoft Partner

    August 21, 2007

Social networking site Bebo and Microsoft have partnered to bring Windows Live Messenger to Bebo users.

The deal is the first time Microsoft has partnered with a social network for instant messaging and contacts.

The interface will allow Bebo users who use Windows Live Messenger to display their Messenger presence and IM with their friends on the Bebo network. The partnership includes the use of the Windows Live Contacts API. The API allows users to import and export their contacts.

Bebo users with Windows Live Messenger can add an "IM Me" icon which will be displayed on their profile page. By displaying their presence users will be able to have an IM conversation.

Joanna Shields, President, International at Bebo said, "Social networking is emerging as the new form of self-expression, allowing people to communicate their passions and express their identity to one another."

"Our agreement with Microsoft Windows Live delivers a powerful, new way to instantly update and keep in touch with friends and serves to make the Bebo user experience even more compelling and interactive."

Brian Hall, General Manager, Windows Live said," We’re excited to be working with Bebo to provide an innovative communication feature to one of the world’s leading social networking services.