Beauty Blogs Get Ugly

    August 11, 2006

Drama! Pierce Mattie management instructed its employees to post comments anonymously on client/industry-related blogs.

Pierce Mattie got caught.

Pierce Mattie diligently posted its lengthy response noting a junior publicist made the error. This merely fanned the flames between Pierce Mattie’s Steve Hultgren and Jack and Hill’s Jackie Danicki.

Their heated exchange across several blogs could bring coComment to its knees. Perhaps they should take it offline and have a sit down?

We’re seeing a lot of young, well-intended employees and interns get companies that should know better into online trouble. Since it’s Friday, and I’m feeling charitable, I will accept this phenomena at face value.

Just remember that whether it’s an intern, junior staffer or the company mascot-if their mischief takes place via your company’s IP address, your brand takes the hit.

And remember that there are no “get rich quick 2.0” schemes when it comes to generating word of mouth, catching a viral or creating awareness in social media. It’s a meritocracy which means you’re playing by someone else’s rules and you have to take the time to learn the rules to get the results or you will suffer the consequences.

In a highly-networked, search-friendly world, the consequences have escalated. One post goes a long way.

Drama is contagious.

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