Beach, Burritos, And Pluggd

    November 7, 2006

Heheh, last night Chris Coulter, my son Patrick, and I filmed an episode of Beach Walks with Rox. Great burritos from Tres Amigos and a wonderful sunset at the local beach. Talking Mac’s and PCs.

If you want something a little more filling than burritos and geek talk on the beach, I put up a 38-minute interview I did with Alex Castro, CEO of Seattle startup Pluggd, which is working on a new search engine for podcasts which is really cool. I got him to give me a 3-minute-short demo too. See, something for everyone! Long interview for those who want depth, short demo for those who just want to get the meat.

That interview is one of those that I did up in Seattle. There’s a lot of interesting startups being built in the Seattle area. We’ll have some more from Seattle this week and next.

Here’s an article about Pluggd over on TechCrunch.

Anyway, wonderful time yesterday hanging out with Roxanne on a couple of Half Moon Bay beaches. She inspired me back at Vloggercon to live a beach-oriented lifestyle and I’m so blessed that we can walk to the beach from our new home.



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