BEA Wakes BlueDragon, Gives Life To CFML

    April 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

BEA Systems let its BlueDragon software out of its lair this week, promising ColdFusion users an easier way to move legacy applications onto BEA’s Weblogic Server without time consuming rewrites.

Specifically, the new product is intended for those still employing or maintaining older ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) code used before the advent of J2EE (and perhaps Java itself) – especially among government agencies who set up their C++ based systems in the early 90’s.

San Jose, Calif.-based BEA Systems Inc. licensed the BlueDragon software form New Atlanta Communications, based in Alpharetta, GA, and is bundled with BEA WebLogic.

A runtime server technology allowing CFML to be transferred onto J2EE servers, developers can make use of BlueDragon for WebLogic, Microsoft .NET, and IBM WebSphere.

The ability to redeploy legacy code onto WebLogic, says BEA, will save costly code rewrites and increase efficiency. Promising to give frozen IT assets “a new life,” is intended to accelerate the delivery of service-oriented architectures.

“Several of our customers are still using CFML to run their businesses. said Wai Wong, executive vice president of products, BEA Systems. “It’s also another example of how the company is continuing to invest in WebLogic Server and find new ways to help customers get to a modern app server without a lot of pain.”

Government agencies, like the Georgia Department of Transportation, are looking forward to updating old programming.

“BlueDragon is an incredibly valuable application for us,” said Doug Chambers, IT applications administrator, Georgia Department of Transportation.

“By utilizing BlueDragon, we have been able to standardize our enterprise architecture and leverage, modernize and extend legacy applications throughout our IT systems without costly investments. We’re excited by the extensive product evolution possibilities that having a big, reputable company like BEA stand behind affords.”

The BEA WebLogic Edition of BlueDragon can be downloaded here.

ColdFusion, developed in the earliest days of the Worldwide Web, was sold to Macromedia in 2001, which was later acquired by Adobe Systems. Adobe offers a Java rewrite application called ColdFusion MX7 for SOA.