BCS Standings: Top 3 Unchanged, SEC Continues To Dominate

    November 25, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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The BCS standings have been updated yet again, and without a change in the top 3 spots, Alabama and Florida State continue to show that they are the top two teams in the nation.

However, Ohio State is making their case as well, and with big games coming up against Michigan and Michigan State, they have a chance at the championship game as well.

The BCS standings have been changing a lot lately, and it was looking like Oregon or Baylor might even have a chance at the national championship with impressive wins in the next couple of weeks, but after they both lost on Saturday, it is not looking good for either of them.

Alabama and Florida State have been dominating their opponents all year, and it seems to be set for them to play in the championship, but as the season comes to an end, it is hard to know what will happen.

Auburn and Missouri are also in the top 5, as the SEC has continued to dominate once again this year. South Carolina and Texas A&M could easily shake things up as well during rivalry week, as they have big games against Clemson and Missouri, respectively.

While Alabama and Florida State are still undefeated with 11-0 records, Ohio State is right up there with them, and will have an interesting meeting with Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship. If Michigan State wins, they will go to the Rose Bowl, something that has not happened for the Spartans in a long time, who is undefeated in the Big Ten this year.

However, if Ohio State wins, and beats Michigan to close out the season next week, they will likely play for the National Championship. Jerry Palm, a BCS analyst said that if Alabama or Florida State are to slip up, then Ohio State would move up into the top spot, but speaking on the likelihood of Missouri or Auburn jumping into the equation, he said “The coaches in particular are not going to allow an undefeated to not play for the title. They understand how hard it is to finish unbeaten. It hasn’t happened yet in the BCS and there is no reason to think it would this year.

Almost anything is likely to happen with the top 5 teams in the BCS standings as the season comes to a close, but the top 3 teams continue to give themselves more separation. Auburn and Missouri sit at #4 and #5, and a SEC championship win could potentially send either of them to the championship.

The bowl projections are being set up with all sorts of scenarios already, and what happens in the SEC will likely be the deciding factor, since the SEC currently 3 teams in the top 5.

Does anyone have any big predictions? What will happen once this wild season finally comes to a close? Discuss.

As the top teams around the league head into rivalry week, anything is likely to happen with the BCS standings, and they all better play their best if they want to have a chance to play in the national championship.

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  • Really

    We need a freaking playoff. A real one. At least 8 games but preferably 16. A playoff will bring tons of money to all the bowls. Plus, people will still watch the non-playoff bowls.

    I hate the BCS. It is nothing but BS. The only fair way to do this is to do a legitimate playoff. The BCS is way too biased in favor of the SEC. Alabama can lose, not drop in the polls and still play for a national title. Everyone else immediately drops out of the picture.

    Nothing is fair in sports. Trust me, Alabama isn’t as big as a NFL team because they are doing things fairly. But at least, a playoff would make it less unfair.