BBC Taps Flickr for Photos

    March 26, 2005

The BBC ran an article on podcasting this week that generated some subsequent chatter …

_40951187_podcasting_adamoutside203… but did anyone catch that the story included two photos of Adam Curry that came from a Flickr user? To my knowledge, this is a first.

The article did not credit the photographer, camoby, so it’s unclear if the BBC purchased these images or if he works on staff or he simply let them use the photos gratis. His web site, however, does feature a BBC ticker. What’s known is that these images were not published under a Creative Commons license.

Now I am not accusing the BBC of any wrong doing. However, I do find it fascinating that the BBC may be pulling in consumer-generated images from Flickr rather than shooting their own work. If anyone has more information, it would be appreciated.

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