Battlestar Galactica On The Net

    January 9, 2006

For many science fiction fans, the show Battlestar Galactica on the SciFi Channel was a great thing indeed. One thing about creative team involved on the show, they’ve embraced the Internet and it’s many wonders on the net.

If one visits the show’s website via the SciFi Channel, one will see they utilize many new features at the site. They’ve integrated blogs, podcasts and for the second half of season two, they’ve made it feasible to download episodes via iTunes.

People putting the shows together maintain the blogs. They’ve also put together an interesting podcast for the show covering a lot of different topics surround the show each episode. They go into the background the episode, the thoughts in the writing, why changes were made, etc.

Executive producer Ron Moore maintains a blog about the show, although it’s not been updated since November. It’s about own ideas about the show. Also, executive producer David Eick maintains a video blog. It involves cast members, creators and more introspection regarding the show. Even Lucy Lawless (Xena) gets in on the action during her appearance in an episode.

These features have been working for a while now but something they’ve added recently was the ability to pick up episodes through iTunes. Through iTunes, one can pick up the original miniseries, the first season and the second season to date.

As more and more video content becomes available through iTunes and other venues, it’s nice to see something made for the old scifi buffs. The completely integrated approach taken on this program regarding all types of media can only make it a stronger program with even more merchandising potential.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.