Batman V Superman Comic Con Trailer Leaked

    July 27, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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You’ve got to hand it to Warner Bros. and DC Comics: They know how to get people excited for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

An amazing feat since most skeptics worried that it would be a bloated failure, a desperate attempt to jump-start the sort of success achieved by their rivals over at Marvel Studios.

Heck, it still might be a bloated failure, but we’ll have to wait until 2016 to know for sure.

After the Batman v. Superman panel at San Diego Comic Con, tongues are wagging and fanboys are quite giddy. It looks like DC achieved the intended effect.

First up was the revelation of Gal Gadot as the iconic Wonder Woman.

While most believed the look was impressive, there were still concerns about her build. We’ll have to wait and see how Gadot does in the film.

Then there was what everyone was hoping and praying for: A movie teaser trailer!

The lights went dark and a short clip from the Batman v Superman movie played.

For those who haven’t seen the trailer and aren’t interested in hunting the leaked version down, this is what happens.

The trailer begins with Batman in the rain on the roof of a building. It’s night time.

Batman pulls a tarp off something. After switching on the power, that “something” is revealed to be the Bat-Signal.

Batman’s eyes are glowing (just like the animated Batman, a first for the character in movies) and he appears to be wearing an armored suit.

The light shines into the night sky and we see the signal rests on…Superman! Superman is floating in the air, and he activates his heat vision.

I dare say he looks almost villainous.

UPDATE: Here is a leaked version of the trailer that was uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy!

Image via YouTube

  • theguywholoveschickfight

    where is it?

  • Guest

    That footage will probably never be released. And considering the fact that Batman looks completely CG animated I doubt that scene will even be in the film.

    • Justin Allen

      he doesn’t looked cg at lol

    • stephen johnson

      It’s not CGI and you need to stop being so damn bias. the small footage was astouding

  • superman

    I saw it before they pulled it off…it was awesome!

  • johnny appleseed.

    This author is pretty dumb. A: Batman’s eyes glow in The Dark Knight. B: Batman’s eyes are white in the comics, not only the animated series. Can you get non-morons to write articles?

  • Laniertheone

    Before it was pulled I got a chance to view it. It was awesome! All I can say is….the stare down.

  • Christopher

    I should’ve known clicking on a linked article from yahoo, with a misleading title, would get me a stupid video and Jr. High level article… Ugh :

  • Whitney

    Why is this one leaked but not Avengers age of ultron? Anyway I take back everything that I said about Ben Affleck

  • Final_Reckoning

    WHERE IS THE TRIGGA?!? Ahem..i mean the trailer

  • Siena

    why do people complain about her build do people really want a bulky ass Wonder Woman jeez you see mystique being a bad ass you never see her looking all bulky