Barnes & Noble Works To Attract Amazon Affiliates

By: Mike Sachoff - February 14, 2011

Barnes & Noble has issued an open letter to affiliates  trying to convince them to join its network.

The letter comes after Amazon’s decision to stop its affiliate program in some states that require the online retailer to collect sales tax on purchases.

John-Foley  In the letter, Barnes & Noble President, John Foley, says Amazon would rather “ threaten small businesses’ livelihood than comply with state law.”

“Barnes & Noble wants affiliates who have been terminated to know that you are welcome to join the Barnes & Noble affiliate family,” wrote Foley.

“If Amazon doesn’t want you, we do! And, we will take care of collecting and remitting all sales taxes due on sales to its customers so you and our customers don’t have to worry about being hassled or prosecuted by state tax auditors.”

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  • Michael Martinez

    I no longer invest much time or effort in Amazon affiliate sales but back when I tried the Barnes and Noble program a few years ago it was a horrible experience. Amazon goes out of its way to make it easy for affiliates to embed its products on their sites. Most affiliate programs don’t make that effort, especially the ones that go through third-party networks.

    This could be a much harder sale for B&N than they hope, given affiliates’ past experience.

  • Guest

    AZon affiliate program is a joke.

    – 24 hour cookie (this is the biggest joke, should be 30)

    – Their affiliate tools are another big joke. There have widgets that can’t be used for years as they have some type of “Get Widget” mark on them after published. What a joke. So many millions for nothing. Crappy affiliate program…

    – No support. Forum is dead.

    – Some affiliate urls don’t track sometimes. No support. There is no up to date help on how to build custom affiliate links.

    – Very low pay.

    Azon is a company that can make 10 times the revenue if they would hire somebody with a brain to manage their affiliate program. I wonder if the shareholders know the affiliate program is this bad…

    I’m using Prosperent. Cookie stays longer and pays a ton more without the hassle. Ebay was the best ever but they changed their model to QPC which doesn’t pay much.

  • buy senuke

    I do not know whether this will take off or not. Affiliates want it to be as easy as possible to set up their websites as quickly as possible. It can sometimes be hard to get an Amazon affiliate account but this just shows you that Amazon is a well sought after company to work for. I wish them the best of luck with their affiliate program nonetheless!