Barkley: Gay Players Were “No Big Deal” In The NBA

    May 8, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Charles Barkley knows a thing or two about the NBA. He was a player for more than 15 years so surely he would know something about gay players in the league, right?

In a radio interview on the Dan Patrick show, the subject of Jason Collins, who recently came out as the first openly gay NBA player, and gay players in the NBA became a topic. Barkley said he, and pretty much every other player, had played with a gay teammate during their time in the league:

Everybody did. Everybody played with a gay teammate, Dan. And it’ s no big deal. First of all, I think it’s an insult to gay people to think that they’re trying to pick up on their teammates. But everybody has played with a gay teammate… It’s obviously discussed, privately, because the problem is, Dan, unless somebody tells you they’re gay, you can’t say a thing about them being gay. Ya know, until somebody has the courage, and I think it takes great courage to come out, it’s kind of an unspoken word to be honest with you.

He used Collins to back up his claim saying that the Wizards center had played with six teams, so by extension, players on those six teams had played with a gay teammate. He also said that nobody knows a teammate is gay until they come out because “it’s none of your business.”

You can check out the full interview with Barkley below:


  • Howard

    Let me get this right. A High School kid unselfishly exhibits the ultimate “I-take-no-credit-for-my talent” gesture and silently exercises his freedom of religeous expression; and he gets his team disqualified from competition — and in the same country — A gay basketball player comes out of the closet and gets an open endorsement by the President on his courage. As a country we have lost focus. OK so maybe they both exhibited courage, but I’ll bet you a dollar on the corner that our President won’t even weigh in on the athlete’s freedom.

    • Mike

      That is a false analogy. Collins was acknowledge for acknowledging who he is in a world that treats people like him as second-class citizens. The High school athlete has an issue with his school rules. There is no reason for the president or anyone else to weigh in on the matter unless they can affect changes within the school athletic rules. Everyone is always crying keep the Federal government out of state affairs. Well it is up to the state to act on this issue. The high school rules have nothing to do with this young man’s sexuality or his identity as a person. I agree that what was done to these kids was terrible, but it is in no way analogous to someone deciding to live his own truth.

      • R

        Mike it seems like you are the one that needs to get your facts straight. There was no rule governing the call that official made. It was a judgement call and that is why it is not able to be reviewed (according to the UIL). Him acknowledging God as a part of who he is and giving God credit for his accomplishments is his right under the constitution. No referee has the right to take away his freedom of religion. The UIL is a group of cowards for not overturning this call. In addition, if you look back through almost any running event in history almost every athlete lifts his hands as he crosses the finish line and none of them were disqualified (this includes the Olympics). This call was a personal attach on the Christian faith and I for one am getting sick and tired of the persecution of Christians in this country. Christianity is the foundation of this country and even if it weren’t religious freedom is. It is not acceptable for this type of religious persecution to go uncorrected. I am guessing you are not a devout person yourself or you would know that your spiritual affiliation has everything to do with your identity or should if you have a personal relationship with your God/Savior.

  • marshall

    Gay Announcement vs. BIGGER-FISH-TO-FRY: in N.York, there are over 2.5 million homeless human beings; as we sleep;, 4th Amend. Rights Under Privacy-a retired Republican Judge stated on FOX that OUR Rights to Privacy under the 4th Amend. have been gone, yrs. ago; as we sleep & focus on shallow issues, there are people planning to BLOW-UP America; there are thousands of people STILL homeless as a result of hurricane “Sandy”; “Ike”; “Katrina”; Country is on Brink of Race-Riot by virtue of the T.Martin – Zimmerman case; & so-on; & so-on BIGGER-FISH-TO-FRY…Barkley is out-of-touch with the Real World…he does not lend his attention to RESOLVE ANY of the On-Going-Life & Death Issues stated herein….