Bango Doubles Up On Mobile Analytics

    July 22, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The company announced a new ability to provide a unique mobile visitor count to websites with the latest release for Bango Analytics. They now claim first mover status on site and campaign analytics for site publishers too.

Continued adoption of Internet-capable mobile devices encouraged companies of all sizes to try and find ways to monetize such browsing with effective advertising methods. Advertisers, naturally, want to measure how well they are doing in reaching the mobile browsing person.

Mobile analytics firm Bango said they provide the kind of information needed for advertisers to make the best judgment calls for their marketing. Through the Bango Analytics platform, advertisers see site as well as campaign details. Originally, Bango offered tracking of links for campaign assessment.

The new site analysis feature shows unique visitor numbers from mobiles. Accomplishing this kind of tracking for assessment required generation of a unique Bango user ID per visitor; the company said their IDs have privacy protection, and lets the service distinguish between new and repeat visitors to a mobile site.

Site analysis also shows the all-important conversion rate for mobile marketing campaigns. Bango said a survey it commissioned of mobile website operators found visitor counts and conversion rates the top two items site operators want.

In March 2008, research firm Gartner projected mobile advertising revenue to reach $2.7 billion. By the end of 2011, they expect the figure to reach $12.8 billion and beyond.