Baltimore Sinkhole Swallows Multiple Parked Cars

    April 30, 2014
    Val Powell
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A large sinkhole opened up and swallowed at least 10 cars in Baltimore on Wednesday. Those who witnessed the collapse of the street described it like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

One man, whose car slipped down the sinkhole, said that the incident happened in just a few seconds. The ground just gave way and the “cars just kind of slid down.” The sinkhole appeared right beside the CSX railroad tracks in northeast Baltimore.

After the incident, residents in the surrounding residential buildings were asked to evacuate. A building inspector also rushed to the scene to assess the situation. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake visited the scene and reported that there were no injuries, as the cars and the sidewalk were empty at the time of the collapse.

She said that Baltimore has dealt with large sinkholes before, and they have a team that will use all their resources in order “deal with this as efficiently as possible, focus on safety.” She announced that the city will test the structural integrity of the road and the surrounding homes to keep residents and workers out of harm’s way.

According to residents in the area, they had already complained about the street to the city. One woman said that the cracks were evidently getting wider, and that they knew the street was bound to collapse at some point.

After receiving calls, the city tried to fix the problem with blacktop. However, the winter snow made the cracks deeper. One man said that he has been calling the city for three years, and they visited the site several times, telling him everything would be ok each time.

Reports say that residents who live across from the street that collapsed will not be allowed to go back to their homes for now, as inspectors are still assessing the structures and gas lines are also being checked.

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  • bobjr4freedom

    Another sinkhole?This is getting scary seeing them emerge.Be careful there and everywhere.Glad no one was hurt.

  • Ted Reisner

    Why is it that very time a hole appears in the ground, a washout of a road during heavy rain or the side of a hill gives away, Idiots, most of whom are reporters, claim it is a “Sinkhole”? Even here in Florida I’ve seen Idiots call the erosion of the soil at the end of a storm pipe a Sinkhole. I’m waiting for someone to claim one of the washouts due to the heavy rains last night in northern Floridaas the “Mother of all Sinkholes”.

  • GM1258

    I saw a guy sink in quicksand once.
    He thrashed around like a stuck pig screamin & yellin.
    We tried to get him out but we couldn’t reach him.
    We finally found a long stick but by the time we
    got to him he was already up to his neck.
    Another minute and he disappeared into the muck.
    I dunno if they ever fished him out.
    Helluva way to go.