Baltimore Ravens Outlast Bengals, Win In OT


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In a tough battle between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens were finally able to pull away in overtime. The Ravens led for much of the game, in a big surprise to almost any football fan watching the game. After being up 17-0 at the half, the Bengals were able to tie it up, forcing the game into overtime, where they won with a final score of 20-17.

After the game eventually went into overtime, the Ravens were finally able to pull away, and get a much needed win against their division rivals. The Baltimore Ravens are clearly not the team that they were last year, and are currently trying to improve on a record that was only 3-5 coming into the game against the Bengals.

The Ravens were lucky to win this one, after being on a 3-game skid. They won in a less than stellar fashion, only putting up 189 yards of total offense, in addition to 3 turnovers. They have struggled throughout this season, due to the numerous injuries to players, as well as losing a couple to trades and retirement.

Even in the first week of the season as they attempted to return with a big statement as the defending Super Bowl Champs, they struggled, and lost another player to injury with Jacoby Jones.

Although this is the first win for the Ravens since October 6, they are only a game behind the Bengals in the loss column in the AFC North, and are lucky to be in such a position, with the Browns and Steelers struggling so much this year.

The Baltimore Ravens were stuck in a difficult situation after they led for the entire game, and let the Bengals comeback, putting the game in overtime. While the hopes of many teams would have been lost at that point, the Super Bowl champs defending their honor, and marched down the field in overtime to score a field goal to win the game. Coach John Harbaugh said of their win, The thing I'm most proud of is the heart of our guys. They showed the heart of champions. Where this will lead us, we'll find out."

Whether this win is enough to help the Baltimore Ravens reach the post-season is still to be determined, but it certainly helps and puts them in a much better spot than if they were to be 3-6, and tied with the Steelers.

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