Ballmer feigns disinterest in Yahoo earnings

    April 22, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The idea that a profitable first quarter for Yahoo could shake more money out of Microsoft received a dismissal from the Microsoft CEO.

Internet industry observers have been clockwatching today as they await Yahoo’s market-close disclosure of their Q1 2008 financials. Up for grabs: possibly more money from Microsoft in its efforts to acquire Yahoo.

Except, Steve Ballmer says there won’t be a penny more, per Reuters:

“We think we can accelerate our strategy by buying Yahoo and will pay what makes sense for our shareholders,” Ballmer said. “I wish Yahoo all the success with its results but it doesn’t affect the value of Yahoo to Microsoft.”

Ballmer, speaking at the launch of Microsoft’s Web portal for North Africa, MSN Maghreb, has set a Saturday deadline for Yahoo’s board to accept a deal with Microsoft or face a lower bid that it takes directly to Yahoo’s shareholders.

Plenty of behind the scenes activity, including the potential for Rupert Murdoch to get involved, will make the rest of the week leading through Ballmer’s Saturday deadline an active one.