Baidu Fastest Web Site In China

    July 31, 2007

Chinese search engine Baidu is the fastest site out of China’s 50 most popular Web sites according to a public performance ranking by Gomez Inc.

Gomez rated sites by response time, availability and consistency in the month of June. Baidu had the lowest response time in the "Gomez Top Traffic Sites User Experience" benchmark at 0.7 seconds.

Gomez says it has plans to track the performance of China’s online banking, e-commerce and other vertical markets on a monthly basis.

"Benchmarking is especially important in China given our enormous web user population of 162 million, our expansive geography and our rapid adoption of Web 2.0 technologies, which are fragmenting control of the user experience," said Yuan Cheng, general manager of Gomez China Operations.

"Gomez benchmarks provide essential guidance to companies that want to know
how they are performing relative to other companies and competitors, and
how they can improve the web experiences they deliver. Baidu’s performance,
as affirmed in the benchmark, helps explain its monumental success."

Baidu is the most-visited site in China and number one in online ad revenue.