Bahamas Plane Crash, Canada Plane Crash Kill Nine

    November 11, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Four Americans were killed yesterday in a plane crash a few miles off the coast of Grand Bahama Island, according to AP. “All are believed to be Americans. It is thought they were on some kind of sightseeing tour.”, Police Superintendent Stephen Dean said.

Assistant Police Commissioner for Grand Bahama Island, Emrick Seymour, said that the single-engine Cirrus 22 plane crashed just minutes after taking off from the island’s international airport.

Shortly after take off around 11 am, Seymour said that the pilot radioed that his plane was “experiencing some engine problems”. He added that police were “right in the middle of the investigation”, and therefore, the victims identities remain unknown.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force said in a statement, that the aircraft had been totally destroyed. There were no survivors.

It’s a busy day for aircraft crash reports, as news also broke of a plane crash over Canada Sunday night, according to CNN. Five people died and two survived when a regional plane for Bearskin Airlines caught fire after it crashed just short of a runway in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada. The two pilots and three passengers that died have yet to be identified.

The two survivors were a male passenger who managed to pull a female passenger from the wreckage to safety before the plane was engulfed by flames, said Ontario police Sgt. Rob McDonough. He added that everyone on board was a Canadian citizen.

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  • mary

    What an unprofessional way to end this tragic story.

    • Louise

      I agree…who wrote that!

      • http://www.horace.net Horace

        Some ignorant b1tch named Lacy Langley

  • http://www.fixthetoaster.wordpress.com FixTheToaster

    A strange way to end it indeed.

    Driving is by far more dangerous. Every day in America around 110 people die in car crashes yet we consider that “OK” and acceptable.

  • stephen

    What an idiot author. I hope Mrs. Langley sees’ this. What a horrible way to end the article. “Investigators will arrive at the “fiery” crash” I’m pretty sure the fire is out. And to top it off, she says “I think I’ll drive for my next trip” Stupid, stupid, lady.

  • http://yahoonews steve

    all of the above are correct. this is a staff writer? this was written by a 10 year old.

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    Lacy :

    You should not be allowed to ever write for anyone ever again for any reason. I mean not even a vote to say hi if you are not any more professional or know how to act more professional. Very upsetting!!

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    The headline was misleading, the article showed great insensitivity and Yahoo again demonstrates their unprofessional editorial skills.

  • Joseph

    Very unprofessional indeed! You can message her on twitter here to let her know your thoughts/concerns


  • Wayne

    I understand that adding humor to most any story can make it more enjoyable, and more memorable. However, there is nothing funny about people dying, so respect for the dead is in order; not laughter. How would you like it if someone started joking about one of your children dying? God forbid. Point taken?